Patisserie Valerie Goes Into Administration Putting 2800 Jobs At Risk

Patisserie Valerie Goes Into Administration Putting 2800 Jobs At Risk

Patisserie Valerie* has today collapsed into administration, as last minute talks with banks failed to save the bakery chain.

The business operates 200 cafes, and employs nearly 2800 people, and it is hoped that administrators will be able to keep some profitable stores operating while they look for a buyer.

However the BBC is reporting that administrators from KPMG said 70 stores will close immediately, meaning a "significant number of redundancies".

Patisserie Valerie is very popular for treats like afternoon tea, and there will be many with gift vouchers to spend at the store. At present it is unclear whether those will be honoured, but we will update this post as soon as we know more.

This is a breaking story, with more to follow.

EDIT 23/01/18: If you have a Patisserie voucher from Red Letter Days they have issued the following: "As of right now we are under the impression that vouchers that have already been sold will still be redeemable, while Patisserie Valerie are still open & trading. In regards to whether they can be refunded or transferred we aren't sure yet. Once we have more information, I will be sure to let you know."

In the meantime you have the option of exchanging your voucher for another experience, and one of our team has been able to do that. If you wish to exchange your Patisserie Valerie Red Letter Day voucher you can do that online at Red Letter Days here*.


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  • Carole B.

    where we goin get our doughnuts :doughnut: now :astonished::astonished::astonished::astonished:

    • Kate C.

      No more free coffees :cry:

      • Laura T.

        not the macaroons :sob::sob::sob: xxx

        • Andrew J.

          Are we really surprised at this though, a chocolate éclair for the same price as 4 from Gregg's and an abysmal customer service record in most

          • Kerry C.

            This is my fav cake shop ,can’t believe it’s gone bust

            • Martyn S.

              sad news - when we went we took some to Mum. Good for my figure though.

              • Dominique J.

                Andrew Jackson it has nothing to do with that, it's to do with embezzlement and defrauding the company. I'd happily pay 4 times more to be away from the chavs in Greggs

                • Kev W.

                  I heard about that they do lovely cakes aswell xxx

                  • Kelly C.

                    i know maybe cuz the price of them lol xx

                    • Jen G.

                      Not surprising at £8 for a slice of strawberry cheese cake :cake:

                      • Angela C.

                        Half the country will now be rushing to use their Groupons!

                        • Rosie L.

                          What did they expect. They sell their cakes at Sainsbury's and their afternoon tea is poor

                          • May C.

                            Sorry about that and they have got one in Debenhams as well now xx

                            • Angela M.

                              I'm not surprised. Too expensive for what you get.

                              • Andrew J.

                                I've known a number of people that have worked for them and trust me they ain't a good company to work for, when your charging that much for something there's only profit in mind

                                • Rachel S.

                                  OMG crying right now :sob::sob:

                                  • Leighann A.

                                    I’m not surprised £2.50 for a cupcake. I’d rather go to Greggs :joy:

                                    • Naomi R.

                                      That’s probably why!! :joy::joy: