Ikea Issue Warning After Third Child Crushed To Death By Furniture

Ikea Issue Warning After 3rd Child Killed

Ikea has reissued a warning about it's Malm furniture range after the death of three young children in the US.

This comes with news that 22-month-old Ted McGee from Philadelphia was killed after a chest of drawers from the Malm range fell on top of him.

According to the Philadelphia Inquirer his mother had put him down for a nap in February and was checking on him every 20 minutes when she discovered him underneath the piece of furniture.

This is the third instance of a child dying after being crushed by Ikea's Malm furniture. A two-year-old boy from Pennsylvania died in February 2014 after a Malm chest fell on him. Three months later, a 23-month-old child from Washington was killed when the family's three-drawer chest tipped over.

Last July Ikea in the US and UK offered free wall fixing kits to anyone who required them after findings in the original investigations over child deaths and injuries relating to tipping accidents.

In each of the deaths the pieces of furniture were not fixed to the wall to prevent tipping, as fixing kits were not originally supplied with the furniture in the US. However in Europe the kits have always been supplied with the Malm drawers, along with any other pieces of furniture which require fixing to the wall to prevent tipping. If you have existing furniture which you have not fixed to the wall you can request a free kit from Ikea UK.

Call Ikea UK* on 0203 6450010 (UK) or 01 5413302 (ROI) to request a free restraint kit if you do not have the original one that came with the packaging.

An Ikea spokesperson said that the company would not be recalling the Malm range because they are safe to use when they are attached to the walls. The spokesperson said:

'We at Ikea offer our deepest condolences to the McGee family. At Ikea, we believe children are the most important people in the world and the safety of our products is our highest priority.

'Upon being informed of this incident Ikea US immediately reported it to the authorities and an investigation is taking place. Ikea US has been advised that the product was not attached to the wall, which is an integral part of the products' assembly instructions.

'Malm chests of drawers – and all other chests of drawers in Ikea's range – is tested for compliance to European Safety Standard (EN 14749).

'Ikea has, for many years, provided tip-over restraints with all chests of drawers over a certain height. Warnings about the importance of using the tip-over restraints provided are included in the assembly instructions and accompanied by step by step instructions for their use.

'Where wall attachment is required, this is communicated on the price tag on display units, in Ikea store signage, and with online product information.

'Ikea has also been working to raise awareness of the importance of securing furniture to the wall. Besides providing tip-over restraints with all storage furniture where wall attachment is required, Ikea runs the campaign 'Secure It!'.

'With our broad communication we want to create awareness that Ikea chests of drawers are safe to use when assembled according to the assembly instruction and attached to the wall.

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  • Laura K.

    Why are people not using the brackets provided with them!!! We've had many and they have always come with brackets!

    • Laura M.

      It says originally in the US they weren't supplied with the fixing kits.

    • Karen H.

      Different regulations in the US meant that they weren't supplied as standard with the units at the time. I think they have supplied them now.

    • guest

      Laura MC well shame on American ikea! Least we got it right over in England!

  • Penny R.

    I've got these ....they're attached to wall ...

  • Suzanne C.

    My lg almost pulled a set of drawers down in herself 2 years ago. Now they're screwed to the wall

  • Carol B.

    Get a brain, use the bracket!

    • Amanda D.

      If you rent, you are not always allowed to attach to the wall, never mind "get a brain", how about showing some compassion!

    • Hayley F.

      Or even watch the kids for it not to happen

    • Carol B.

      They supply a bracket for a reason .... no decent landlord, with all the checks they have, would say no ... sorry no cure for stupid!

    • Hayley W.

      We rent and use the brackets. Some furniture is far too heavy to not have fixed to the wall.

  • Rosie B.

    The UK sets come with the wall fixings; the US ones didn't originally, hence the problem. As long as people use the brackets that come with them they shouldn't have any problems

  • Pam W.

    The furniture always comes with safety brackets, if folk aren't using them then it's hardly the fault of IKEA. That's the equivalent of a company selling car seats and being blamed for parents not securing their child properly. Ridiculous.

    • Hayley W.

      We have a heavy hermes unit and a large expedit unit. Both are attached to the wall. With a very lively toddler, you can't take any chances.

    • Pam W.

      Exactly. I wouldn't ever not attach them. Scares the hell outta me, especially the way my toddler climbs!

    • Louise C.

      It's does say in the article that the furniture was not originally supplied with the safety brackets in the US, which is where the deaths happened.

    • Nicky D.

      I have all my big furniture attached to the wall. They didn't come with brackets, I just had the sense to fit them.

    • Catherine C.

      I think it's sometimes the fact that most people rent and are not allowed to fix to the wall

    • Karen M.

      Silly question...can you fix them to the wall if you have skirting boards? Ie won't be flush against the wall x

    • Karen G.

      Yes, they come with straps made with fabric similar to seatbelts so you fix one end to the wall, the other to the furniture.

    • guest

      Karen M not a silly question at all. It won't be flush against the wall on top but still possible to fit firmly using the parts that ikea supply. I can't add pictures here but we have fitted several different ikea cupboards on walls that have skirting boards.

    • guest

      Karen M, we have this chest of drawers and it came with brackets attached which are adjustable (in a sliding fashion) to reach the wall, they're then bolted into place and screwed into the wall x

    • Barbara-Ann J.

      Ours doesn't have the brackets! Ringing the number tomorrow to get them. I have a white 3 drawer malm unit, anyone else have the same ? I've had it a while for my now 8 year old. My 19 month old is in the same room so now completely panicking and putting heavy things in front of drawers so can't be used until fixed into place

    • guest

      Barbara-Ann J I have a 5 door and found that when sorting items out with all drawers open !!! It defiantly tips over just caught it in time

    • guest

      Kay J yep mine tips over too! Scary stuff

    • Georgie C.

      I have this furniture and it doesn't have brackets! I'm sure you'd feel differently if it was your children.

  • Alison E.

    I fix all kids furniture to the wall with brackets. Wardrobes, bookcases and chest of drawers. Wouldn't not fix them.

  • Jamie L.

    Trouble is what you suppose to do if ypur in a rented property in which ypur not allowed to make any marks on walls let alone holes!!

    • Cheryl N.

      buy a different piece of furniture that doesn't need to be secured to the wall. other than that do it anyway and worry about pollyfiller later :)

    • Karen G.

      You fix heavy furniture to the walls, then fill and paint the holes when you leave!

    • Karen G.

      That sounds troublesome, not a patch on a crushed child though!

    • Natalie Q.

      I'd worry less about the deposit than the lives of my kids :joy:

    • Natalie Q.

      But yeh it does suck being a private tenant, I just did it in the end and lost out some deposit :weary:

    • guest

      A dead child or money ! Think I'd tell them to keep the money and save my kid coz I know what's more important

    • Jamie L.

      I wasn't stating that I would risk my child's life my comment was to see if anyone else had any way around making the holes in the walls and I dnt think anyone has the right to comment saying a dead child that wouldn't happen to my boy as I wouldn't let it it was asking for comments in help n if ypu haven't got any nice comments to make plz dnt add one!!!

    • Karen D.

      As a landlord (and a mummy of two climbers) i'd be more than happy for my tenants to approach me and ask for this. The answer would be yes. If your landlord isn't happy I'd consider sending the request and reasons for it in a letter, with a copy sent to estate agent and solicitor etc. I can't see anyone saying no, and if they do there's an issue and I'd get the hell outta there!!!!

    • Amanda M.

      I've not had a landlord yet who was unwilling to allow me to fix furniture to walls for safety. If yours really won't, buy low wide units instead. The taller the unit (from anywhere, not just ikea) the weaker its centre of gravity, takes less to tip it.

    • guest

      Natalie Q Good on you, lose a little cash to save your children :)

    • Justyna L.

      You could put stoppers on the drawers so child can't open them by themselves

    • Jamie L.

      Good idea finally someone that actually cn help thank you.

    • Rebecca W.

      There is such a thing as filler!

    • Amanda M.

      Don't have heavy furniture then! Pretty storage boxes instead. Put the clothes in your room?

  • Jodie M.

    Omg how awful :-(

  • Jill G.

    Surely if they don't come supplied in America common sense tells you furniture must be secured to the wall along with the cords of blinds must be out of the way, do we have to be told everything haven't we got a brain that we can use

  • Natalie Q.

    We weren't provided with fixings, the instructions said because walls are made of different things?? So we had to buy them all and screws ourselves :rage:

    • Fiona T.

      But you would've had the bit to put the screw through supplied - the bit that fixed to your furniture!?! A rawl plug & screw to match your wall that would cost max £1 wouldn't be supplied as yes, too many wall types to supply all!

    • Natalie Q.

      Well yes the hole was pre drilled, it cost a lot more than that as the size of packets etc, but my point was simply that they said they were providing fixings when they didn't. Is all.

    • Dave R.

      What ever the cost I would pay to make sure my boy was safe

  • Michelle P.

    I have all this furniture in the nursery. They all come with brackets to fix to wall. X

  • Emma D.

    This is old news. IKEA furniture is fine only a problem if all drawers are opened at the same time. IKEA always provide the brackets

  • Charmaine T.

    They can't just tip over... all the draws has to be open for it to tip over surely??

    • Karen G.

      Or an over curious toddler deciding to climb up them.

  • Fiona T.

    Ok, so it doesn't come with wall fixings in the States where all three accidents occurred - it's therefore the parents responsibility to either 1. Ensure child goes nowhere near it OR 2. Secure it to the wall themselves! It's horrible to imagine but parents should have avoided it!

  • Shaaron P.

    We have had these in our house for the last few years never had any problem with them

  • Scenty B.

    I've just brought them xxx

  • Emily B.

    must get ours secured

  • Dawn M.

    exactly! That is really frightening though.

  • Becki R.

    Not being funny but why in the hell make furniture that needs attaching to the wall?! I have an IKEA wardrobe and it's fine without the doors on, put the doors on and poof it falls straight down...why in the hell would the doors be heavier than the actual wardrobe itself? Just make normal furniture maybe?

    • Fiona E.

      I would never even think about fixing furniture to the wall only ahelves

    • Becki R.

      precisely, I had never even heard of it until going to my husbands mums house when we first met, I thought it was bizarre! Growing up I never had furniture attached to a wall

    • Karen G.

      They aren't designed to take the weight of a curious toddler climbing up them.

    • Becki R.

      I understand that, maybe people should buy decent furniture then that's actually heavy enough that a toddler can't topple over? Like I say, I've got an IKEA wardrobe that needs attaching to the wall if the doors are put on, without the doors it stands as sturdy as anything but not with the doors, doesn't make sense if I'm honest

    • Claire F.

      It's nothing to do what the furniture, it's that when drawers are pulled out filled with stuff and climbed up by a child all the weight is at the front, allowing the drawers to topple over.

    • Karen G.

      That does sound like a design issue and I'd take it up with them. People buy ikea because it is good quality and it's affordable. I'm sure tragedies like this happened before ikea, kids are curious and naturally want to climb, and let's be honest, you can't have your eyes on them every second of every day. Baffles me that something so simple, to help make your child safer, isn't done by every parent.

    • Becki R.

      fair enough, either it's a problem with the furniture or parenting then, me and my siblings never had furniture fall on us from climbing, don't even think we climbed up the furniture, either way...and the drawers were certainly full growing up, that's all I'm saying

    • Karen G.

      Same here, our furniture wasn't attached to walls, we also sat unbuckled in the back (sometimes boot) of the car, and I was just fine! It's 3 incidents, in the whole of the US, we'd never have known about it back in the day. Given I do know about it, and I know that, however small, there's a risk, my heavy furniture is all attached to the wall.

    • guest

      Karen G I agree with that completely, just shows that things aren't as sturdy and good like they used to be, we had drawers full, wardrobes full, none of them attached to a wall yet never fell down, now it's 'attach to walk via brackets' and all the b.....ks! I suggest if anyone wants cheap furniture, go to second hand places and look at how old they are, the older the better haha!

    • Karen G.

      Times change, people want cheaper furniture that they replace regularly, my grandparents literally kept everything they owned for life! I'm not a health and safely gone mad person, and I've never seen any of my kids show the least bit of interest in scaling my furniture, still baffled as to why anyone, with young kids wouldn't do this.

    • Becki R.

      Go grandparents! Mine was the same, everyone wants modern stuff! Don't get me wrong I have a young child and once he starts to walk/climb etc I will be making sure but I can guarantee if I had older furniture I wouldn't have to be so cautious :blush:

  • Stacey W.

    I don't know how it could have fallen though xx

  • Kerry W.

    both our babies have this set of drawers. We need to make them safe xx

  • Jill B.

    We do & they're heavy but don't see how they can just tip over. Awful what happened but don't believe that they randomly tipped on the child (being checked on every 20mins sounds defensive to me). :thinking: awful tragedies though :pensive:

  • Sara C.

    We have 4 Malm wardrobes & 4 sets of drawers in our bedroom & none of those are fixed to the wall. We have a safety gate on our bedroom door & the boys are never upstairs alone, so couldn't pull anything over on themselves ! God bless the little ones, but think the parents need to take some responsibility here, not Ikea :triumph:

    • Hannah F.

      Are u kidding me!!! IKEA manufacture a piece of furniture that not only is unsafe but has actually killed 3 children, and you're blaming the parents???? Heaven forbid the day u accidentally leave the stair gate open and the worst happens! These stupid drawns fell over, narrowly missing my child, when we brought them they didn't come with the wall fixings, and I wasn't aware there was a problem....so are u saying that's my fault??? This is 100% ikea's responsibility and they need to accept that!

    • Dave R.

      Lets put it this way. They are big heavy wooden lumps of furniture that are not balanced. With most of the weigh on the front and top heavy. So why wouldn't u fix it to the wall. In my boys room he as a 3 foot high cheats of draws, not very heavy but bolted to the wall for peace of mind.

    • Hannah F.

      What has it got to do with likes? I'm a parent that it happened to, and I would never intentionally put my children in danger. But seriously I would recommend fixing yours to the walls, IKEA will post them to you if you call them, it's better to be safe than sorry.

    • Shauna M.

      Each person is entitled to their own opinion. I've never attached furniture to the wall.

    • guest

      Amanda M the very fronts of the draws are too heavy and when opened it causes them to fall over. Mine were not overloaded or being climbed on. I'm not looking to get into an argument with anyone, I'm talking from experience, I don't think advising people to take a few extra precautions to avoid the worst is a bad thing. I just think saying the death of these children is the parents fault is very unfair.

    • guest

      It's just as unfair to blame the people who sold it... they are not responsible for the furniture once it leaves their store, they are not responsible for the death of a child.. if you have something that dangerous and heavy in a room that your child can get in to then it is your responsibility as a parent to ensure its secure or the child doesn't go near them.. failing that, if they're so unsafe that they're toppling over when in use then buy better ones. Anyway, a child has died and no amount of blaming anyone is going to change that. Those poor people have lost their baby, it's utterly sh*t

  • Becci L.

    My wardrobe isn't from ikea it did come with a attachment to attach it to the wall however it was a string with two nails either side of it the wardrobe is so heavy of it did tip no way is the Hong that was sent gonna hold it from falling lol maybe ikea ones are better than the one that came with mine

  • Angela P.

    don't think I'll be buying these now :flushed:

  • Nicola W.

    I have this furniture it is very heavy but does state needs to be harnessed to a wall

  • Kerry T.

    Won't all units fall over if all drawers are open????

    • Amanda M.

      Yes! People are freaking out blaming ikea, but it's basic physics.

  • Jan L.

    One child died by pulling the top drawer and it toppled. Xxx

  • Nicky K.

    My gosh. How awful for the parents who are now thinking I should have.... My heart goes out for them

  • Stacey W.

    Oh god! This is scary, but couldn't that happen with most draws! Gonna have to secure them to the wall? Xxx

  • Carla S.

    Rip :-(

  • Jan L.

    I think it's cos these ones are heavy a lot of chests are plywood and are light ... Your best securing it just a5 min job xxx

  • Nuala M.

    This happened to my son when he was 1 1/2 years old. Terrifying as the whole chest of four malm drawers came crashing down on top of him! I thought the worst. I don't know how but he was fine. All I could see was his head and his body was under the chest. So lucky.

  • Kerrie L.

    Got 2 of them chest of drawers :see_no_evil: xx

  • Stacy J.

    Don't Blaine Ikea blame the parents

  • Erin W.

    It's the kids fault

  • Louise D.

    Yeah I never open more than one draw at a time and that's why they are in the en suite xx

  • Paul B.

    Surprisingly this happened in the US obviously can't read the INSTRUCTIONS properly...same country that banned the child's Bumbo seat because stupid parents put them on tables and didn't think the child would fall out! Blame culture starts again...

  • Ashley C.

    Defo need to get these wall fixtures. Wild :disappointed:

  • Iain F.

    Doesn't bear thinking about, xXx

  • Kelly H.

    The statement details the details of the two children whose deaths were reported to them, and also states that Ikea is aware of a further 3 deaths from tip-over incidents, along with a further 14 reported accidents.

  • Lisa J.

    No they only tip of all the draws are open at the same time x

  • Gemma C.

    Not worth the risk though x

  • Steph H.

    This is why I never put draws or a wardrobe in my childs room, she's now going on 6 in a few months and has a set of draws in her room for the first time

  • Michelle B.

    Why is all 3 deaths from America xx

  • Kristina W.

    Thank you... We don't have this range... And I always try to place heavy things at the bottom and the furniture in a way that if the bookcases would fall something would catch them halfway i.e. the mid- sleeper... And the Pax range is quite heavy... I struggle to move it - pulling that over takes force...

  • Lisa J.

    My kids have heavy things on top of there draws anyways so they can't tip x

  • Gemma L.

    We put brackets on the drawers themselves. This stops them flying open and toppling over. Also, the kids who have sadly been crushed by these are similar ages, so if your kids are this age be alert!

  • Sarah S.

    we need to fix ours to the wall

  • guest

    be aware! :pensive:

    • Michelle J.

      I know :disappointed: im gonna have to see what i can do cos she opens the bottom drAws all the time

  • Courtney A.

    This is why I want them chained to the wall! :(

  • Andrina H.

    I don't get how this can happen. I have 4 children ranging in ages from 5 to 18 and have never attached furniture to the wall. We have IKEA, Argos n various other furniture. They've never had it fall on them. ??????????

  • Ruth S.

    But don't most units fall over if you pull all the drawers out at once.

  • Gabby C.

    Ummmm I have a malm chest of drawers in my daughters room it's been there 1&half years, that would need to be one world strongest poltergeist to move that thing let alone tip it over, it's been in the same corner since beginning cos it's too much effort to move so I can't see how it readily tipped over but as a parent anything and everything must be checked that's what I did with all my furniture ........condolences to the family's

  • Georgie C.

    Wow- "it's the parents fault". Are you nuts? Some real nice people in the world.

  • Nicola L.

    Very sad heart breaking.... life is a hazard

  • Anna C.

    this is what I keep telling you about the chest of drawers in out room! Going to contact them for the wall fixing kit xx

  • Vicky S.

    I saw this :neutral_face:

  • Bev M.

    Not been funny but the brackets are supplied. You can't blame ikea if they're not been used. Just like a safety gate is supplied with the round cups to stop it sliding, I've seen loads of people not use them too

  • Melany D.

    Already got our fixings X

  • Charlotte D.

    All there furniture comes with wall fixings. Thankfully now i only own a tv unit and coffee table from there x

  • Katie L.

    Poor IKEA getting a bad name and its not even their fault. They are not to blame, its the parents for not using the safety brackets provided! Totally the parents fault.

  • Nicki M.

    My son's wardrobe isn't attached but that's cos he's nearly 12. I do have a one year old running around but his bed would stop it (mid sleeper) before it even landed on her. Non of my kids have climbed furniture. They are firmly told no as babies if they even tried, which they never have. Never have anything attracting to them at the top.

  • Susan H.

    Not ikeas fault all flat packed items come with instructions

  • Ashley K.

    It aint ikeas fault they ahould have attached it to the wall. And kids ahould know not to climb on furniture. 1 think av always said to my kids from an earlyy age dont climb or stand on furniture

  • Nicola B.

    fix their drawers to the wall

  • Kerry T.

    It's not just ikea furniture it can happen with all drawers, & as a mum of little boys I know how they especially like to climb like 'ladders' it's always been a worry for me. It can happen in seconds. It's yet another danger that we as parents have to be aware of. the only way to stop it is to secure brackets to the wall. Poor little lad :cry: xx

  • Lynsey G.

    bookcase & drawers need attached to wall

  • Ashlee J.

    My son has had the same set of ikea drawers since he was born. He's nearly 6. They've never fell over. Or even wobbled. Maybe parents should teach their kids not to climb on the damn things or watch what their kids are doing and this wouldn't happen

    • Pamela M.

      It's not the climbing. If you open the top 2/3 drawers at the same time they just topple. This happened to me when i was putting away clothes one day.

  • Kathleen J.

    we need to get the walk Fixtures for Gracie's room! This freaks me out dxb

  • Leona J.

    It's not the fault of IKEA if parents or even people can't be bothered to fix them to the wall It says in the instructions as you go along when to do it There's no excuse to forget

    (Iv built a lot of IKEA furniture)

  • Lesley D.

    Need to rink ikea and check what you can do

  • Vicky J.


  • Louise B.

    Sorry but surely this is the case with every single piece of furniture ever made not just IKEA. They are simply falling over if kids open all the drawers and use them as stairs obviously they will topple over but not restricted to Ikea. Too much of a blame culture we live in.

  • Beth M.

    Bloody hell ! Xxx

  • Angie B.

    Think they have recalled all of them now xx

  • Dan L.


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