Yogi Bear The Complete Series £11.97 @ Amazon


The Yogi Bear Complete Series is down to a tasty £11.97 on Amazon and comes with their fabulous free delivery (slow, but free). Anyone who spent their youth watching this ace series will appreciate how much fun Yogi Bear can be and what a brilliant collector’s item this is.

The Yogi Bear Complete Series has received five stars from every single reviewer on Amazon UK! That’s a pretty rare feat when you consider how fussy people can be…There is very little information on the site as to what episodes are included with the collection but a bit of research has revealed all.

You get four discs in your Yogi Bear Complete Series set with a ton of ace episodes including some with SnagglePuss and Yakky Doodle. Smarter than the average bear and utterly iconic, Yogi Bear is pure cartoon genius.

The series includes 35 remastered and restored episodes from the series including Oinks and Boinks, Major Operation, Out of Luck Duck, Booby Trapped Bear, Feud for Thought and Hop, Duck and Listen.

Thanks to merb0786 at HUKD!

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