Watership Down [14 Disc Box Set] DVD £17.85 @ Zavvi

Watership Down [14 Disc Box Set] DVD £17.85 @ Zavvi

Watership DownGet the complete box set of the classic children’s series for only £17.95 including free delivery. The perfect opportunity to introduce your children to one of the best tales of all time.

Including all 39 episodes of the cartoon, the Watership Down box set includes episodes like The Promised Land, Strawberry Fayre and The Tale of a Mouse.

I adore this series and bought the entire set for my daughter before she was even born. I couldn’t wait to share the experience with her and to make it a part of her childhood, as it was a part of mine.Watership2

Although I had to content myself with the book for years, the animated series brings it to life beautifully. The animation style is wonderfully old school and utterly delightful.

The price makes this a rather brilliant gift that won’t make your wallet hide under the sofa in dismay. Or your bank manager for that matter!

If you haven’t had the pleasure of enjoying Watership Down before then this is your chance to to epxerience one of the great classics.


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