Something Sexy Just For Mums £25 @ Ann Summers

08ONGFAS1012_M March is for Mums and so I stand here, bravely, before you with a little something that may bring that smidgen of spice back into your life...Clone a Willy. Down from £40 to a mere £25, this delightful toy from Ann Summers is guaranteed to bring laughter and much more into your Month of Mothering.

This kit has everything you need to make an exact, vibrating rubber copy of your loved one’s willy. Yes, you can get this as a sneaky pressie for your wife and present it to her fait accompli, but I think that perhaps this is something to be enjoyed as a team exercise...

The kit has everything you could possibly need to get this exactly right and the instructions promise you that it is extremely easy to make. There are some other extras on the site, also down in price from their original retail costs, that you may want to throw into your trolley...

Thanks to Micarmic at HUKD!


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