The Spring Sale Up To 50% Off @ Marks And Spencer

12 March 2014

M&S Marks and Spencer have a Spring Sale on the go at the moment with up to 50% off their sale items. There isn't a clear end date on the sale yet, so possibly just while stocks last, and there's free next day delivery if you order by noon.

Oh, it's exciting to start seeing the word "Spring" popping up here and there. After this weekend, you'd be excused for thinking we were in it, until the rest of the week happened. It's been overcast for us all week so far. But mercifully, no rain.

The Marks and Spencer sale covers mens, womens, and children's clothing, as well as beauty and home products.

The home section has such gems as 2 Small Lacquer Wood Condiment Setreduced from £15 to £9, or the Jacqueline Wilson’s™ Best Friends Make Your Own Friendship Bracelets & Activity Bookreduced from £7 to £3.50, so that's a great value gift idea.

Children's clothing starts from £1.50 for socks, and adult clothes start at £3 for scarves, cufflinks, socks and so on too, so there's plenty to choose from.

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