Yankee Candles Medium £6/Large £9 @ Asda Direct

Yankee Candles Medium £6/Large £9 @ Asda Direct

yankee candle

We know you folk LOVE Yankee Candle, so when I saw Asda Direct had Yankee Candle bargains I just had to share it. There's a choice of two fragrances only: Sunlight on Snow and Frosted Spruce. The Medium Jar has £3 off, making it just £6, in both smells. The Large Jar is an unbelievable £9, reduced from £13. This is such a great price for these and both are from the Yankee Candle Simply Home range.

The Yankee Candle Medium Jars burn for 65 to 90 hours, so work out really good value compared to smaller jars and votives. The Large Jars are even more ecomonical as they will burn for 110 hours to 150 hours.

I actually know what both of these smell like because I am Yankee Candle daft! If you want something that's not too feminine in fragrance then the Frosted Spuce is the way to go. It's a fresh smell but I find it quite masculine.

The Sunlight on Snow is a very clean and crisp scent and would be nice in a bathroom or a kitchen to keep them smelling nice.

Save on the £2.95 postage charge and collect your Yankee Candles for FREE from your local Asda store.


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