Pizza Scissors With Server Now £3.99 @ The Range

Pizza Scissors With Server Now £3.99 @ The Range

You know that feeling when you see something and wonder how you ever lived your life without it before?! Well this is one of those things...a pair of pizza scissors with a built in pizza server!

Where do they think 'em up?! I do love this idea though, what a fab item to have in your kitchen drawers!

This brilliant invention can be found in the sale over at The Range. They can be yours for just £3.99 instead of £7.99 and this is way cheaper than everywhere else. Most other places they retail for upwards of £12 plus delivery charges!

If you're heading off on a camping trip or somewhere self-catering then these scissors are ideal. And of course they don't just have to be used on pizza, they can be used on all sorts.

I think I love this idea because the lazy person in me knows it saves on the washing up, there's one utensil less to clean at the end and I am all for that!

They are available in three different bright colours and are also available in store for you to choose your colour options.

Home delivery is £3.95 and becomes free if you spend £50 or more.


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  • Sarah G.

    propper pizza scissors :blush: xx

    • Joy M.

      am we need a pair!!

      • Sarah G.

        Only £3.99 lol xx

      • Johanna H.

        I need these!! :joy:

        • Vicky S.

          slices ain't big enough for my big gob :joy:

          • Sharon K.

            told you scissors were the way to go when cutting pizza!

            • David K.

              They look good. #SecretSanta

              • Katy L.

                My husband thinks I'm nuts when I use scissors on pizza he's the dickhead who uses the roller back n forth for 5mins before it cuts anything :joy:

                • Sharon K.

                  :joy::joy: My husband uses the scisors with me but my brother in law questioned why we didnt own a pizza cutter when he was house sottong :ok_hand: Saves a ton of time

                  • David K.

                    Next time I have pizza, I'll give it a go.

                  • Rachel C.

                    this is what we need

                    • Sarah W.

                      this takes your scissors for cutting pizza to a new level!

                      • Emma R.

                        how cool are these? I'm going to get some :joy::joy:

                        • Steph P.

                          I need these haha x

                          • Steph P.

                            Get me some haha cxx

                            • Emma R.

                              I intend on doing...going to get rich some too, you know, as he is a man and incapable of cutting up a pizza :joy::joy: xxxx

                              • Steph P.

                                hahahhaa so sexist hahhaaaaa this is the hole bed/sleeping bag scenario again haha x

                                • Emma R.


                                  • Richard R.

                                    I don't get it

                                    • Emma R.

                                      It's scissors to cut your pizza with :joy: what is there to get?

                                      • Richard R.

                                        I know that

                                        • Emma R.

                                 you not think they are cool?!

                                          • Richard R.


                                            • Emma R.

                                              I give up :joy::joy::joy:

                                              • Steph P.

                                                Creasing hahhahaha :joy::joy::joy::see_no_evil:

                                                • Emma R.


                                                • Zoe M.

                                                  Haha see scissors for cutting pizza is the way forward x

                                                  • Katie M.

                                                    Haha I always found it another of your strange traits cutting pizza with scissors! X

                                                    • Zoe M.

                                                      I'm not alone haha x

                                                      • Emma S.

                                                        I've been using scissors since :-) xx

                                                      • Nikki C.

                                                        Best way to cut a pizza!

                                                        • Joanne M.

                                                          :joy::joy::joy: c they exist lol xx

                                                          • Emma R.

                                                            Jesus so they do.. must get 1 lol x

                                                          • Emma B.

                                                            Haha I need these I always use scissors for cutting pizza :joy:

                                                            • Lisa H.

                                                              Look - actual pizza scissors!'

                                                            • Leah D.

                                                              now this looks like something I need :grin:

                                                              • Vicky P.

                                                                Oh my god most definitely :laughing: you ordered already? Xx

                                                              • Emma D.

                                                                - how much easier would life be with these xx

                                                                • Gemma A.

                                                                  Well my birthday present was easy this year! :-P

                                                                  • Emma D.


                                                                  • Claire B.

                                                                    Haha I always use scissors don't a lol xx

                                                                    • Helen G.

                                                                      I said scissors are the way forward when cutting pizza!!!

                                                                      • Rebecca K.

                                                                        :joy::joy::joy: I always cut my pizza with scissors

                                                                        • Ciara L.

                                                                          there is such a thing lol

                                                                          • Mark S.

                                                                            I seem to remember inventing these at centre parcs!

                                                                            • Sophie S.

                                                                              I need a pair of these :joy:

                                                                              • Ellie D.

                                                                                :joy::joy: Yes u do!! Brilliant!