Pizza Scissors With Server Now £3.99 @ The Range

Pizza Scissors With Server

You know that feeling when you see something and wonder how you ever lived your life without it before?! Well this is one of those things...a pair of pizza scissors with a built in pizza server!

Where do they think 'em up?! I do love this idea though, what a fab item to have in your kitchen drawers!

This brilliant invention can be found in the sale over at The Range. They can be yours for just £3.99 instead of £7.99 and this is way cheaper than everywhere else. Most other places they retail for upwards of £12 plus delivery charges!

If you're heading off on a camping trip or somewhere self-catering then these scissors are ideal. And of course they don't just have to be used on pizza, they can be used on all sorts.

I think I love this idea because the lazy person in me knows it saves on the washing up, there's one utensil less to clean at the end and I am all for that!

They are available in three different bright colours and are also available in store for you to choose your colour options.

Home delivery is £3.95 and becomes free if you spend £50 or more.

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  • Sarah G.

    propper pizza scissors :blush: xx

  • Johanna H.

    I need these!! :joy:

  • Vicky S.

    slices ain't big enough for my big gob :joy:

  • Sharon K.

    told you scissors were the way to go when cutting pizza!

    • David K.

      They look good. #SecretSanta

    • Sharon K.

      :joy::joy: My husband uses the scisors with me but my brother in law questioned why we didnt own a pizza cutter when he was house sottong :ok_hand: Saves a ton of time

    • David K.

      Next time I have pizza, I'll give it a go.

  • Rachel C.

    this is what we need

  • Sarah W.

    this takes your scissors for cutting pizza to a new level!

  • Emma R.

    how cool are these? I'm going to get some :joy::joy:

    • Steph P.

      I need these haha x

    • Richard R.

      I don't get it

  • Zoe M.

    Haha see scissors for cutting pizza is the way forward x

    • Zoe M.

      I'm not alone haha x

  • Nikki C.

    Best way to cut a pizza!

  • Joanne M.

    :joy::joy::joy: c they exist lol xx

  • Emma B.

    Haha I need these I always use scissors for cutting pizza :joy:

  • Lisa H.

    Look - actual pizza scissors!'

    • Mark T.

      Genius !

  • Leah D.

    now this looks like something I need :grin:

  • Emma D.

    - how much easier would life be with these xx

    • Gemma A.

      Well my birthday present was easy this year! :-P

  • James W.

    Can't beat a pizza disc cutter I even cut toast with my pizza cutter lol

  • Claire B.

    Haha I always use scissors don't a lol xx

  • Helen G.

    I said scissors are the way forward when cutting pizza!!!

  • Davinia C.

    i know - they are fab. Scissors rock pizza cutting!

  • Rebecca K.

    :joy::joy::joy: I always cut my pizza with scissors

  • Fiona F.

    Haha pizza scissors they look great xx

  • Maria C.

    Yes I like them xx

  • Ciara L.

    there is such a thing lol

  • Mark S.

    I seem to remember inventing these at centre parcs!

  • Francesca H.


  • Imogen N.

    Scissors are the easiest :ok_hand: x

  • Sophie S.

    I need a pair of these :joy:

  • Sarah W.

    These are bloody brilliant! :joy:

  • Tracy H.

    I need to get these :joy:xx

  • Karen R.

    you need these in your life

  • Laia C.

    Brilliant!! I usually use normal ones but these are something else :heart_eyes:

  • Leanne G.

    :joy: i thought of this ages ago! So much easier x

  • Francesca E.

    My idea haha!! Xx

  • Will J.

    Use a bloody pizza cutter!

  • Jenni B.

    Omg :pizza::blue_heart: lol x

  • Rachael E.

    Oh my gosh I need a pair these are cool thank you xx

  • Liz M.

    Very handy indeed xxx

  • Lee R.

    It's funny coz iv never seen an Italian chef or take away geezer using scissors! It's ridiculous

  • Màiri J.

    I just fold the whole pizza and insert it in my face

  • Claire H.

    Yes!! I'm not wired! :blush:

  • Gemma B.

    - I should have invented these!! Xx

  • Nicky W.

    They look great X

  • Nina A.

    this is just what I need xxx

  • Kat H.

    there better than a pizza slicer x

  • Kirstie O.

    Seems like they are popular from this post x

  • Michelle B.

    i need these lol xx

  • Danielle M.

    I've had to order one now :joy::joy:

  • Russell P.


  • Sara S.

    ...there you see ..... It's not just me that cuts pizza with scissors :joy::joy:X X

  • Gemma P.

    Genius! Cutting pizza with scissors is the easiest way xxx

  • Amanda C.

    Yes please

  • Emily J.

    who needs these when you have normal scissors :joy:

  • Beckie S.

    If someone gave me a slice of pizza that small I'd give it back and ask where the rest has got to . ..... tut tut

  • Lisa K.

    Is it just me that thinks these are really awkward to use

  • Kimberley G.

    an investment for me!!! :joy::pizza::pizza:

  • Nick G.

    Game changer

  • Nick G.

    Get em ordered!

  • Lee B.

    So cool xxxx

  • Gemma D.

    - I invented these :(

  • Sammy B.

    See it's an actual thing!! X

  • Janet M.

    Cutting pizza with scissors is a brilliant! The way forward! :scissors::pizza:xxxx

  • Nic M.

    No. Just no.

  • Aaron L.

    They are awesome

  • Jonathan G.

    Perfect :ok_hand:

  • Kerry W.

    I need these bad boys in my life :-)

  • Christine L.

    Haha I need some of these xx

  • Tezsska D.

    Coppied me been going for years ha xz

  • Sarah C.

    I thought pizza scissors were just called scissors...

  • Louise S.

    Haha its all about the scissors :scissors: oxo

  • Chelsea G.

    I'd love that lol

  • Cclaire H.

    .... I want me some of these :joy::scissors:

  • Lyndsay C.

    i always cut pizza with scissors. by farrrrr faster than those lame roll blade rubbish that laughs at the cheese.

  • Kelly R.

    Omg I need these I can never cut my pizza with a silly pizza cutter.x

  • Claire W.

    haha IT wud make ur life so much easier :joy:

  • Huw P.

    Fucking genius!

  • Lisa T.

    finally someone's actually made me some :smile:

  • Charlie H.


  • Christie C.


  • Emma R.

    Everyone thinks I'm weird when I crack out the scissors lol

  • Lucy B.

    Cor yeah they do look much easier. Wouldn't mind one myself. Hate it when I'm using a knife & a lot of the topping comes off. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

  • Anna F.

    Love it ! Xx

  • Kieran C.


  • Donna C.

    Brilliant invention!

  • Liz L.

    We soooo need these lol

  • Katie P.

    Oh wow :heart_eyes: i want one x

  • Elinor G.

    Ooh they do look good! I'll put them on my Xmas list! Xxx

  • Sarah H.

    Yes we need these!

  • Stephanie M.

    we need to buy these x

  • Kirsty G.

    , we need these :pizza::scissors: xx

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