Glitch! Actilift 3in1 Pods Liquitabs Detergent 30 Washes 2p @ ASDA

Liquitabs at ASDA There seems to be  glitch on Actilift 3in1 Pods Liquitabs at Asda right now - they are showing up online at 2p.  There's a £25 minimum spend for home delivery at ASDA, so you may as well do your basics shop there if you don't already shop with ASDA - brand names are brand names, no matter where you buy them, but if you can get a couple months supply of washing detergent for pennies, why on earth not!

We may not normally blog bout washing detergent around here, but we do all wash our clothes and at 2p, it's almost criminal not to. Washing tablets cost a fortune but they're one of those ongoing costs you can't really escape, so this is a brilliant glitch. Add it to a few essentials like coffee and ice creams and what not and you'll soon make up your minimum spend for home delivery.

Thanks to Karen on email!

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  • Sara1111
    Check site but cnt see 30washes pk?
  • fireengine
    just a possible warning asda have a note underneath, (just went to order these at a bargain!) and it says 'the price you pay is the price instore on the day' so if there's no glitch in store when they go through the tills, they may not honour the online price :-(
  • carlie85
    I tried this but wouldn't let me add them to basket
  • lillysmummy
    I tried this offer and my store dont have any amd also say that they are coming up full price when picked in store :'(
  • Deblyn
    I ordered these online.... Came up when I used the link. Ordered 6 and lotsa other bits toget my order up to £40. They had five off first orde over£40. When collected order all sold out.... According to guy that size pack has been discontinued.
  • Gnoyes
    My home delivery came today and they didn't deliver them or offer a replacement I was gutted! :-/ just says on invoice not available

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