Harry Potter Cluedo £15.99 @ Argos

26 November 2010

Cluedo Harry Potter

For lovers of Harry Potter and lovers of Cluedo, the two meet in this game set for £15.99 at Argos, usually RRP £19.99, or £28.00 at Amazon.

The basis of this game is the same as the traditional Cluedo. You still move around trying to figure out who did it, with what weapon and where, but now we're not in some stuffy old manor – we're in Hogwarts!

When a student disappears from the school, players use the characters Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Luna or Neville to find how, when and what spell was used to attack the student. This variant, while loosely based on the reinvention makeover, is a major departure from traditional game play and constitutes a spin-off in its own right, as it includes along with the standard compliment of equipment, Help cards, Dark cards, Mystery cards, house point tokens (the loss of which can eliminate a player from a game), and a variable configuration game board which changes during the course of play.

When the dark mark appears various events happen that would cause the unprepared players to lose valuable house points, lose them all and you are out of the game.

It sounds like a lot of fun for anyone who would love to be a part of the Harry Potter cast!

The game is suitable for three to five players ages nine and over.

Thanks to RudiBryson at HUKD

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