Guess Who Game £9.99 @ Amazon

24 November 2011

Amazon are selling the rather fabulous Guess Who game for £9.99 rather than £12.99 - personally, I'd be happy to pay the £12.99 as I'm a bit of a Guess Who fan!

I just love everything about Guess Who; trying to figure out the best questions to get rid of the maximum number of people as possible before your opponent guesses who you have.

If you've never played Guess Who then that won't make any sense to you at all, so let me explain...

You pick a card, so does your opponent; you have to guess who they have by asking questions about your opponent's person: "Are they wearing a hat?" or, "Do they have a moustache?" and they will ask the same questions of you.

You both have a board featuring all the Guess Who characters and the answers your opponent gives you will determine which characters you cover up; ask all the right questions and you should be left with the Guess Who person on your opponent's card.

Ask the right questions FIRST and you'll be the winner; HURRAH!!

It's a properly awesome little game that's dead easy for young ones to get the hang of, and is quick enough for just one or two games when you're not in the mood for playing an epic that takes hours, like Monopoly et al.

Thanks to k8ie1980 at HUKD

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