Which Is The Best Supermarket School Uniform?

The Best Supermarket School Uniform?

With all the leading supermarkets now selling reasonably-priced school uniforms – including Lidl's astonishing uniform for £3.75 deal – it can be hard to know where’s best to get your kids kitted out for the next school year.

Thankfully, The Sun newspaper did us all a favour and put Tesco, Aldi, Asda and Sainsbury's budget uniform offerings to the test. Their lab experts put each supermarket's polo shirts, sweaters and skirts through 40 machine washes – apparently "the average number required each school term" – and declared Tesco's F&F school uniform the best.

The paper reports:

'Tesco’s £9.50 package came top of our rankings, Asda’s £8.50 2nd and Sainsbury’s £14.50 offering was 3rd.'

The winning F&F school uniform range features easy-iron materials in stain repellent and eco-friendly fabrics, and their trousers feature all-important reinforced knees (an absolute essential, if you ask me) and – get this – shoes tested to walk 100 miles. I reckon my lads easily clock up that many miles in the average school term!

For style-conscious school kids, F&F School Uniform also includes stretch materials with hidden placket detailing in slim leg trousers, pencil skirts and kilts. You can check out the full F&F School Uniform range here.

Personally I'm usually loyal to Marks and Spencer when it comes to school uniform – it might be pricier than the supermarket's bargain offerings but their trousers can pretty much last my lads a whole school year – no mean feat, given how much time they seem to spend skidding on their knees and rolling around on the grass in the playground.

I also rate Matalan for good value school shirts that wash really well. If they're worn under school jumpers all day, I find you can pretty much get away without ironing them, too! Just don't tell anyone I said that.

We'd love to know what you think about supermarket school uniforms. Which brand do you think offers the best value? Do you have a favourite?

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  • Jade S.

    My daughter starts school in September so not really in a position to rate any uniforms yet. But I have just got her skirts, pinafores and shirts from Asda and they're excellent quality. I've bought her official school jumpers and cardigans from M&S and they too are excellent. Will be interesting to see how they hold up...

    • Sarah W.

      I've always bough m and s cardigans and they have lasted so well.

    • Jade S.

      That's great to hear. I was really pleased when they arrived a couple of days ago, much nicer than I expected! The certainly look like they'll last :)

    • Kirstie C.

      Have got my daughters uniform from m & s for years now..lasts the whole school year! They always have 20% off June-July xx

  • Claire C.

    I take advantage of M&S 20% off school uniform which is usually in August which I buy pinafores and polo shirts. Second daughter gets hand me downs so it pays for me to get good quality. Sainsburys have lovely culottes. The rest has to be brought from the uniform shop.

  • Sarah W.

    Love marks and Spencer's uniform . Lasts the entire school year without fading or shrinking . Also rate Sainsbury's gingham school summer dresses. Very good quality and well priced

  • Jenni R.

    Our son started nursery in January so i got his uniform in September from Aldi and lidi. Yes there are very cheap. But by xmas i was replacing everything because it had shrunk or faded. The blue polo tops from Aldi went a nasty colour. The best thing was the white vests from lidi, they was lovely and long and didn't shrink. I replaced it all with things from marks and Sainsbury's and I'll be going back there again next time.

    • Tilly S.

      I found the same thing, bit of a false economy buying cheap

    • Maria D.

      maybe aldi not a great idea xx

    • Sarah H.

      Oh wont be going there then. Will go somewhere else.xx

    • Liz L.

      Our Jumpers with the official embroidery on faded far worse than the cheap Asda ones I then bought

    • Sandra M.

      Aldi & Lidl are great for the bits like socks, gym shorts & gym pumps. They seem to last as long as any others ..

  • Lydia J.

    Can't beat M&S for quality and it lasts the whole year

  • Elaine G.

    I've tried pretty much all of them for uniform. My 2 favourites are marks and Spencer and sainsburys . 2 years running however I've bought sainsburys as quality is on par with marks... but much much cheaper!! *especially when bought in the 25% off event!!!

  • Lindsey R.

    My sons trousers from m & s still look like new after a full year.

  • Kelly A.

    Can't bet Sainsbury's in my experience.

  • Lisa K.

    Ive always bought from Asda.

  • Jodie K.

    Love sainsburys and great value full price is same as asda but even better when 25% off i imagine that will come in august

  • Tilly S.

    We bought Asda uniform to begin with but found it ill fitting and shrinks and fades quickly. M&S definitely a better fit for our little man, harder wearing and washes better. Quite impressed with the shorts from Sainsbury's too. Might have to give the Tesco ones a go but so far I've found that buying cheaper isn't necessarily saving money in the long run as it needs replacing more quickly and doesn't look as smart

    • Alana B.

      I've always found Tesco quite thin. My daughter would end up with holes in the knees and she doesn't play rough like most boys or play football.

    • Tilly S.

      I think you're likely to find most supermarkets the same to be honest. Not tried Matalan at all though, might see what that's like

  • Paula S.

    I only use m&s there stuff is great used it for my 14 10 5 year old 100% recommend

  • Alison M.

    I buy from ASDA cheap enough to replace when she takes a stretch :joy:

  • Leona R.

    The Sainsbury's girls cardigans with the shoulder bows are awful Ended up with holes on the shoulders ended up returning them all

    • Elaine G.

      We had these and have lasted all year. Washed well .. Easy to iron.. maybe you were unlucky and had a faulty batch?:frowning:

    • Hannah R.

      We had the same problem with ours, they both got holes there.

    • Leona R.

      Well I bought four from there on two separate occasions and all got holes in

    • Leona R.

      Shame as they do wash well Can't say much about ironing I don't bother with that

  • Lynsey F.

    I buy a bit of everything. Pinafores from m&s, summer dresses from sainsburys, cardigans from school supplier, polo shirts from aldi (bought loads and they can be chucked when they have pen marks etc) shoes from clarks

  • Sarah

    I bought my sons shorts and trousers for school from Asda - they have worn and washed well and were only £3 each pair - totally recommended!

  • Laura E.

    Marks and Spencers and John Lewis are the best. Not the cheapest but great quality. Sainsburys are good too for summer dresses and plain jumpers and tank tops for boys :)

  • Bobbi-Leigh W.

    Ahh good to know :thumbsup_tone1:

  • Joanne H.

    Aldi doesn't look too promising. X

  • Allison G.

    Sainsbury def my favourite. Will not wasye my money on m&s again. Their polo shirts and also skorts terrible quality.

  • Bobbi-Leigh W.

    No def not reading some of the comments on here! I didn't think it would be :see_no_evil: xx

  • Natalie E.

    I've tried them all! M&S is the best! Hands down!! A little more pricey, but totally worth it! It lasts the whole yr!!

  • Joanne B.

    M&s were rubbish school trousers lasted. 4 weeks holes in the knees !! Matalan trousers lasted 7 months!! Polo shirts sainsburys brilliant wash well

  • Raegan B.

    We love Nutmeg at Morrisons. The jersey dresses and skirts have been perfect this last year and great value for money x

    • Sandra M.

      Sure I've read somewhere that Morrisons have a 200 day guarantee, you can return items for any reason .

    • Raegan B.

      I'm not sure about that but we love the stuff! X

    • Claire A.

      Yes there definately is 200 day returns policy on all Nutmeg clothing :grin:

  • Grace P.

    Aldi my son plays football and does after school club and the trousers lasted all year and in fab condition Buy the trousers and shirts from Aldi Brought shoes last year from Aldi ( not this year didn't like them) And jumpers from school shop as have to be logo

    • Julie D.

      Same here, the shoes didn't last at all x

    • Grace P.

      His Aldi shoes lasted 4 months lol

    • Kathryn A.

      I've been surprised how well the Aldi uniform has lasted. But then I do wash all colours separate and don't tumble dry uniform to reduce the chances of shrinking. Shoes have been really difficult for us - 5 pairs of varying brands/prices this year with the Clarks lasting the shortest time xx

    • Grace P.

      Tumble dry the trouser and shirts Tho do white wash with vanish white every time on a 60 Nothing shrunk

  • Angela M.

    Next! The uniforms are fab quality. Shop online and have them delivered, job done. Great value, good quality, no fuss. Love it.

  • Kerry C.

    Tesco have a fab range and have been recommended lots by friends.

  • Fiona S.

    I get my son's trousers from M and S as the can be let down. I get polo shirts from Debenhams they fit my slim son and clean better and are cheaper than M and S.

  • Beki D.

    My sons school use Tesco as their preferred provider and the quality is terrible. Sent it straight back, so thin and cheap.

  • Gemma H.

    Love m&s for boys trousers...hard wearing, choice of fit and leg length and sizes start at 2-3. Perfect for my son :blush: i bought (against my better judgement) polo shirts from a local supplier. They were £8 each. I bought them in May and now 3 months later they have faded and bobbled so badly that I feel ashamed taking him to school. Expensive is not always better, and whilst I prefer shopping local, I do still need quality you can sometimes only get with the big chains. Such a minefield!

  • Alison H.

    I found that the polo shirts from asda shrank on first wash but f & f at Tesco have been great however I do like asda all in one T-shirt and skirts!

  • Gemma G.

    For girls school shoes M&S do some lovely black patent ones with "anti-scuff". My 4yr old daughter has worn hers every school day since January and they look as good as new! Very impressed as her previous black patent school shoes (not from M&S) lasted Sept to Dec and were scuffed & scratched within weeks and were falling apart by Christmas break.

  • Kirstie C.

    Marks and Spencer's always !! The skirts and pinafores always get passed on after a full academic year of wash and wear looking in immaculate condition! The polo shirts don't shrink like other stores I've tried (have to wash whites on a 90) ! Even tights have made it through the whole year without elastic waistbands going, unlike Sainsbury's..their tights are absolute rubbish and not worth buying even with 25% off:see_no_evil:. Marks and Spencer's do their 20% off every beginning of June through to beginning of July so worth keeping in mind for future reference x

  • Laura W.

    Debanams are amazing I've used them the last 2 years last my boys all year tshirt s don't really fade like other ones I've bought do I always wait for the blue cross sale which is currently on now and buy them all before they break up in the next size up .

  • Karen R.

    I've found polo shirts from Sainsbury's, trousers from M and S are the best. Jumpers we get from uniform shop, spare ones from Tesco or matalan. Asdas uniform is awful, polo shirts go grey quickly, jumpers shrink, trousers poor fit and seemed thin. Tesco polo shirts were see through and go stiff after a couple of washes, trousers are way too long even for my taller than average child. Sainsbury's jumpers are not great.

  • Lee B.

    Marks and Spencer or Sainsbury's :blush::thumbsup_tone1:

  • Nosilla R.

    EBay as my son big I can get multipack school shirts 5 12.99 free post. And Amazon for trousers generous fit school trousers up to 38 waist but 27 leg great for boys with shorter leg

  • Yvonne L.

    Saintsbury's (But Tesco) Have Started Doing My Sons Actual school jumpers, t-shirts & fleeces

  • Abbie F.

    I was going to head to matalan... Not many votes :see_no_evil: Will try tesco & asda xx

  • Stephanie S.

    I've always bought from sainsbury and they have been through two children and will be used for our third, they are that good. Won't buy any where else. X

  • Beverley H.

    I've bought them mainly from Sainsbury's then a few bits from Tesco or Debenhams (on sale) and they're really good. No problems with anything! Our jumpers & polos come straight from the school.

  • izzywoo

    Asda jersey dresses don't bobble - compared to sainsburys one I bought at same time for my daughter. So impressed even after tumble dryer. Sainsburys gingham dresses are so lovely and don't need ironing. So shop around!

  • Karli D.

    marks and Spencer's lasts the whole year and 20 percent off the last 2 years in June/july

  • Donna L.

    I have found the white polo t-shirts from Sainsburys are the best compared to Aldi, asda and tesco. They wash nicely and stay softer than the others.

  • Lindsay D.

    Marks and spencers def worth paying extra as it lasts the full school year. Buy it when the 20% off is on. Asda r ok for girls but found the boys trousers wore at the knees too quickly.

  • Sara H.

    I prefer Sainsbury's. Really good quality and has lasted for whole year.

  • Vikky W.

    I usually only shop in Asda for the uniforms but last year the jumpers were such poor quality that I had to return half a dozen because they had split at the bottom of the arm right up to the armpit and down the side of the jumper! 3 kids, different age rages and all had it happen to them so it wasn't just a 'bad batch'. !

  • Anna M.

    I bought all Aldi last year except jumpers as they don't do our colour. They are still immaculate. I've just got some more bits and I'm gutted my son is now too tall for their bigger size 10-11.

  • Claire A.

    I buy different bits from different places! I work for Nutmeg in Morrison's so my kids have the polo shirts which are amazing value and brilliant quality. They have to have logo jumpers so have to get those from a schoolwear supplier and my son likes skinny fit trousers so I get them from Next. My daughter can wear a plain grey cardigan and I've found the best ones IMO were from M&S - any others have a horrible shape or shrink/fade/lose shape. My son starts high school next year and I believe most high schools in the area choose a particular store such as John Lewis to get VERY particular items from which will be interesting and costly :-/

  • Emma-Jayne P.

    I would love to get the schoolwear shops would start making clothes for taller children. My daughter ahed 6 is going into year2 in September and is already in 13-14yrs due to her height. She should be able to get school clothes for her all the way through primary school not me stressing out due to her wearing the biggest summer dress or pinafore. :pensive:

    • Julie M.

      My 6 year old is in 9-10 or 10-11 depending on shops and its a struggle getting things sometimes so agree completely

  • Rachael K.

    Sainsbury's cardigan are awful always get holes. I bought all my uniform last year in Aldi apart from jumpers and gingham dresses. All very cheap and she is still wearing it a year on with probably still fit come September

  • Julie M.

    I love asda uniform. Fantastic value for money and great quality too. Never had anything i wasn't happy with. I buy most of my children's clothes in general from asda.

  • Julia P.

    I've bought M&S in the 20% offer & a little bit from John Lewis in their sale Have bought some PE kit and socks/tights from Sainsburys Having read a previous comment, I hope they last...

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