Get A Full School Uniform For £3.75 @ Lidl!

Get A Full School Uniform For £3.75 @ Lidl!

Just when you though Aldi had beaten everyone for value school uniform this year with their £5 school uniform, Lidl go and beat them with a full school uniform for just £3.75! Their prices are the lowest you can get anywhere for school uniform, so you'll need to get to a Lidl from Thursday 20th July to grab them before they go!

The prices are truly astonishing, and that £3.75 full uniform includes a pair of trousers* or a skirt* (£1.25), a jumper (£1.25) and a pack of two polo shirts* (£1.25)!

You'll also be able to snap up school shirts for £1.99 for a pack of 2, school cardigans for £2.99, pinafores for £2.99, and even leather school shoes for a crazy £6.99 a pair!

They even have the P.E. kit covered with joggers for £2.99, packs of two tees for £1.79, and school plimsolls for just £1.99 a pair. Oh and they even have a School Parka Coat for just £9.99!

All these items will be in stores from next Thursday 20th July, and are not available online. You'll need to be quick to snap them up as they're sure to sell out very fast at these ridiculously low prices. See you in Lidl next Thursday!


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  • Claire A.

    even cheaper than aldi!!!!

    • Emma L.

      That's we'll good

    • Kelly T.

      good prices but won't be there for long xxx

      • Lisa H.

        Good deal but they don't do green

        • Amy M.

          Good luck it will be carnage like people have said it's been at Aldi today lol xxx

          • Kayleigh B.

            All my kids uniform needs to have the logo on :thinking: xxx

            • Zara H.

              Will have to go have a looks

              • Kayleigh B.

                Good when the schools allow non branded x

                • Kym T.

                  I didn't get a jumper but everything else :thumbsup:

                  • Nana S.

                    Aldi have got them in from today I got all this for just over £20.00 ! 4 pants , 2 round neck t shirts , 2 pairs shorts , 3 jumpers , 2 shirts , 4 polo shirts and 5 pairs socks x

                  • Kharis L.

                    Does anyone know if the trousers have clips or buttons my autistic son hates them n so hard to find trousers without them thats not £15 a pair in m & s

                    • Nicola L.

                      Asda do elastic waist ones,not sure what size they go up to tho c

                      • Kayleigh L.

                        M&s had recent 20% off School uniform. Hopefully still on x

                        • Katie A.

                          Aldi are clips asda do elasticated and think matalan might as well

                          • Cassie R.

                            My son is also autistic I buy his trousers off of very, 2 packs elastic pull on. I searched everywhere as m&s only did grey and we needed black x

                            • Cassie R.


                              • Sarah C.

                                Sainsburys ones are pull on but not sure what size they go up with that feature

                                • Rachael W.

                                  Add a are good for elasticated waste ones

                                  • Jill S.

                                    Asda do them with out clips and buttons up t 5 /6 years

                                    • Samantha P.

                                      Cassie Robinson, I got a pack of 2 elasticated black school trousers for my son this week online from M&S . They are £15 pack and are called boys easy dressing school trousers. Hope this helps !!! :)

                                      • Natalie S.

                                        Clips on the black ones.

                                        • Jemma K.

                                          I got the girls ones today and they have clips

                                        • Hollie I.

                                          I already Brought pinafore from tesco and polo tops but might get skirt if that cheap to x

                                          • Katie P.

                                            Ohh fab I'll go over there next week as Aldi didn't have the colours i need for shirts xx

                                            • Nade S.

                                              Wow just as I came back from Aldi - getting uniform this morning :joy:

                                              • Laura L.

                                                Are they any good though? x

                                                • Fiona L.

                                                  If Lidl t-shirts are like aldi I dont rate them. They come in small and need ironed after each wash! And we go through 1 each a day.. that's a lot of ironing lol

                                                  • Judiie L.

                                                    Omg how cheap is that:ok_hand_tone1:xx

                                                    • Rachel C.

                                                      Didn't like Aldi's ones, guess these will probably be the same!

                                                      • Crystal S.

                                                        Already done mine, we have to have logo jumpers

                                                        • Kelly G.

                                                          Ooooo that's a good offer!! I'll have a look when I get back! Thanks!

                                                          • Dawn B.

                                                            Aldi have theirs and it's scanning cheaper than its advertised £1.25 for the polo tops, trousers and skirts