The Best Amazon Dash Button Hacks Out There!

The Best Amazon Dash Button Hacks Out There!

Just when you thought you had just about grasped the concept of Amazon Dash and it's cute little buttons, along we come, with the coolest hacks to blow your mind.

That's right - what if we told you, that you could do so much more than order bog roll when it's run out?

For those of you that aren't sure what the hell I am jabbering about... an Amazon Dash Button is a Wi-Fi-connected device that allows you to reorder your favourite product with the press of a button. Each Dash Button is linked to a product, so that you just need to press it the once for more supplies.

So, now you know, sit back and prepare to be amazed AND astonished with our list of the 'Best Amazon Dash Button Hacks'.

Dim Your Lights

You know when you have had a long day and it gets to that time of night where you want to have a glass of wine and stick a movie on? Once you sit down, you don't need to be getting back up, right? Use your Amazon Dash Button and dim your Philips Hue Lightbulbs* - changing the living room into a loving room. You know what I am saying! Find out exactly how to here.

Track Baby's Sleeping Pattern

Us parents often worry that we are doing it wrong. What if my baby wakes in the night and I don't wake. Now you can analyse when your little bundle of joy is awake and when they are asleep, with that nifty little Amazon Dash Button. Get the lowdown here.

Log Your Working Hours

This can work whether you are a freelancer or are studying. Use your Amazon Dash Button with this simple Python Script and you're sorted. Never again will you overestimate your revision time. Find out how.

Order Pizza

Use the Dominos API to order your pizza. Set up one-touch ordering by hacking your Amazon Dash Button. Like the sound of that? Head over here to see how.

Buy Absolutely Anything On Amazon

Are you a bit of an Amazon addict? I feel your pain! How's about rigging up your button to order outwith those 'Dash eligible' products? See how it's done here.

Find A Lost Mobile Phone

Oh how annoying is it when you lose your mobile? Gotta find it, but where the heck is the bloody thing! Your Amazon Dash Button can save the day! Check out the method here.

You can buy those handy Amazon Dash Buttons here*. If you do just want them to order those daily essentials, then grab one now!


  • Nicola C.

    this is what I was on about xx

  • Stacey-lee E.

    Am I the only one that thinks these things could go horribly wrong if you have young children, I can just imagine my kids pressing it like 100 times and then getting a delivery of 600 toilet rolls

    • Tasha D.

      Apparently you can only press it once then an order comes x

    • Stacey-lee E.

      Yeah but how often can it be pressed?

    • Annie S.

      Simple answer is to not put it where the kids can reach it!

    • Stacey-lee E.

      Haha good idea lol

    • Rachel M.

      I think I read somewhere it only works once in a 24hour period

    • PlayPennies

      It only generates one order at a time no matter how many times the button is pressed. It also sends a notification to your phone so that you have a chance to cancel if it's been pressed by mistake. A second order can't be generated until the first has been dispatched, with a maximum of one in 24 hours, plus you can place it well out of the reach of children too. The article above is about how to hack them, but this one tells you more about how they work, hope that helps :) :

    • Sarah N.

      Is the £4.99 discount per button ordered?

  • Liz G.

    Am I not getting something .... So you have hundreds of these branded buttons around your house that you press to order that linked product ??? Surely not ??

  • Jackie R.

    Thomas told me about these!

  • Heather S.

    £5 for every button? Then the cost of the product rather spend 5 minutes making a list and ordering.

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