Amazon Dash Button Launched - And You Can Get One For FREE!

FREE Amazon Dash Button

How annoying is it when you keep running out of your essentials like washing powder, loo roll or baby wipes? We have such busy lives these days that it's all too easy to forget something, so anything that makes shopping easier is a bonus in our book.

That's why we we are loving the new Amazon Dash buttons launched today. They are little gadgets that you can fix up next to where you store your favourite essential products, and when you are running low you just give the button a press and an order is placed. That's it. One push on your 'Ariel' button or your 'Johnson's Baby Wipes' button and the very next day a friendly delivery driver will be at the door with replacements. Genius eh?

What's more it's also free after your first order, as you pay £4.99 for your button, and then you get a £4.99 discount after your first press.

If you have tons of questions you can find out all about how it works on the link above, but it's surprisingly simple to set up.

You just set up your button to order the one replacement item you need with your smartphone, stick it next to your product, and when you press the button a repeat order is generated. You will get a notification to your phone when the button is pressed so that if it is done by mistake you can cancel.

Don't worry about the kids messing with it, or it accidentally getting pressed lots of times - it will only generate one order at a time, and a multiple won't be ordered until the last one has been delivered (though putting it out of the reach of little ones might still be a good idea).

There's loads of designs to choose from so that the button is printed with the product name itself to make things even easier.

What do you think of this new gadget? Will you be grabbing a free one?


  • Lisa C.

    When you put one of them in reach of a toddler and 50 packs of toilet rolls turns up the next day :joy:

    • PlayPennies

      We've checked that out Lisa as it was our first thought, but it will only do one order at a time no matter how many times the button is pressed. It also sends a notification to your phone when someone has pressed it so you have a chance to cancel if it's a mistake. Though I'm still going to put mine out of reach just in case, not where the pictures show them, that's asking for trouble! :)

    • Sam T.

      But will. It find u the best deal or just give u what u get .....

  • Jemma K.

    this is quite cool... Xxx

  • Karen R.


  • Casey C.

    Oh crikey. Seen it all now lol

  • Leeanne J.

    This is so cool!!!

  • Amanda J.

    just endless surprises from amazon

  • Peter W.

    Lol like this

  • Natasha P.

    this is such a good idea xxx

  • Nicola S.

    I wonder if Amazon do Prosseco :joy: can reorder every night

  • ssheffield4812

    Are these orders placed through Amazon? Is delivery added on too of so it would work out so much more expensive then getting it at the supermarket alongside your shopping 

  • Laura C.

    Haha there's a Durex one!

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