Best Silver Shampoo For White Hair

Best Silver Shampoo For White Hair

What's the best Silver Shampoo for White Hair? There isn't just one! Sure, the High Street Chemists are awash with products that promise to diminish those brassy tones, but which ones actually work? Let us tell you...

Fanola No More Yellow Shampoo* £5.75, from Amazon

Best Silver Shampoo For White Hair

Lee Stafford Bleach Blonde Shampoo* £6.99, from Boots

Best Silver Shampoo For White Hair

Fudge Clean Blonde Violet Shampoo 300ml* £8.76, from Beauty Bay

Best Silver Shampoo For White Hair

Bleach London Silver Shampoo* £4.33, from Boots

Best Silver Shampoo For White Hair

L’Oreal Professionnel Serie Expert Silver* £8.75, from Look Fantastic

Best Silver Shampoo For White Hair

Pro:Voke Touch of Silver Brightening Shampoo* £3.19, from Superdrug

Best Silver Shampoo For White Hair

Does Tomato Sauce Tone Yellow Hair?

If you're in a tight spot and you have no Toner or Silver Shampoo to hand, then using Tomato Sauce will certainly not do your hair any harm. There are many people online that testify that Tomato Sauce does indeed take out brassy tones, particularly greenish-yellowy shades.

If you fancy trying it then all you need to do is slather it on DRY hair and leave for 30-40 minutes. Rinse out thoroughly.

What does Silver Shampoo do to your hair?

Silver Shampoo is bright purple in colour and is formulated to eliminate brassy or yellow tones. It is used to tone your Blonde hair between salon appointments and will give a vibrant blonde, white or silver colour with it's violet pigment.

Can you use Purple Shampoo on Brown Hair?

As it is formulated for White to Blonde Hair, it's unlikely to have much of an effect on Darker Brown Hair. Having said that, if you left it on for long enough, you may see an ashy tone to the Hair. There are Shampoos for Brunettes that are better suited, like Fanola No More Orange*, which eliminates reddish tones from Brown Hair.


  • Jessica O.

    made me laugh since we’ve got nearly all these :joy::joy:

    • Holly C.

      The daily struggle of yellow hair :joy::joy:

  • Julie W.

    Avon do a FANTASTIC one, I was asked 4 times if I’d got my hair dyed as it was so vibrant!!

  • Lucie S.

    May help if you do want to stay silver xx

  • Leah D.

    just remember the gloves :joy:

    • Leanne R.

      Otherwise your hands look like they've died:joy::joy:

    • Leah D.

      I did mine today and gave purple ears :rolling_eyes: x

    • Leanne R.

      Oh no:joy::joy: babywipe! They work a treat:thumbsup: xxx

  • Chelsey T.

    I use alfaparf pigments shampoo and conditioner, you add colour shots into it. I got mine from the hairdressers was £12 for shampoo, £14 conditioner and then £5 per shot (I had 3 shots put in) so it’s pricey but worth it it’s taken all of the yellow tones from my hair ! X

  • Sandra S.

    Were do you buy it please

  • Natalie M.

    Ohhhh defo hair goals with how light her hair is! Xx

  • Abbie P.

    Osmo super silver :ok_hand_tone1:

  • Stacey M.

    Fanola by a country mile!

  • Rebecca B.

    Yeah I have this and it makes under my nails purple for like 2 days :joy:

  • Stephanie B.

    Yesss! That would be amazing! I used my other one today it didn’t come out too bad, I had to wash it after though cause it was too silvery :joy:

  • Shen O.

    I was reading the reviews it does sound good xxx

  • John M.

    I think the only one i haven’t tested is the fudge one!

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