Wii UDraw Studio £29.97 @ Asda

Wii UDraw Studio £29.97 @ Asda


The uDraw GameTablet is a pretty awesome device that encourages creativity in adults and kids alike. It is a game system, a creative space, a relaxing hobby and loads more. Asda has marked it down from the usual £47.97 to £29.97 making this a lovely deal for a Wii owning family.

The uDraw GameTablet has innovative features that allow kids to express themselves and bring their imaginations to life. It comes bundled with the uDraw Studio game software and there are other games you can play like Pictionary and Doodle that are bought separately.

The game lets kids draw, control their characters, and spend many happy hours exploring their imaginations. I am both fascinated and repelled by the uDraw if I am honest. A part of me wants one badly, thinking that it could mean so much for enhancing my child’s drawing skills.

The guys over on the Dealspwn side of the office in their uDraw tablet review found it really easy to use, whatever your age.

Another part of me fears that this will be exciting for a day and then languish for years in the cupboard under the stairs. What do you think?

Thanks to rob_spencer at HUKD!


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