Vtech My Laptop £9 @ Debenhams

15 November 2010

vtechLearningLaptop Parents of the next Bill/Belinda Gates or Steve/Stephanie Jobs roll up! Debenhams currently have a fab deal on this Vtech My Laptop!

If your toddler is anything like mine then chances are you’ve lost custody of your laptop – they merrily click around the cBeebies website or create masterpieces in Paint whilst you count yourself lucky to snatch five minutes to check email!

Debenhams have come the rescue with a Vtech My Laptop for only £9 (it was £20) allowing us to reclaim our computers, and delight our technical whizz-kids at the same time, without breaking the bank.

It comes in the neutral yellow colours, or PINK if you prefer, and has 30 educational games and activities to boost your little one's brain cells.

They'll learn early computer skills which, like it or not, is necessary these days; age-appropriate curriculum, including phonics, numbers, logic and all sorts of other things like pattern recognition.

It has a mouse too that's not right-hand biased, so if you have a little' lefty' then they won't find it awkward.

The only downside to this Vtech My Laptop, and I don't understand it at all, is that it doesn't come with a mains adapter! WHY would Vtech do that?

I can't find a mains-power option at all; the Vtech My Laptop is powered with 3AA batteries, so using rechargeables is definitely going to be the way to go.

Use this code - PXCP - to drop the price from the published £10 to £9 and delivery is free.

Thanks to issyc over at HUKD

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