Trio Magic Creations £9.99 @

Trio Magic Creations £9.99 @

Base is selling the Trio Magic Creations kit for £9.99 including delivery which is a pretty good deal on a very cool set. It includes a bunch of fun activities along with plenty of clever pieces to keep kids busy for ages.

Draw with three colours at once using the Trio pens, the special nibs allow you to create cool 3D effects and each kit contains an instruction book that will explain how you can get the best out of the magic pens.

The Trio pens write or draw in three different colours at the same time. They can create swirls, curls or stripes with a single stroke. You can create gift boxes, picture frames, greeting cards and plenty more. The awesome triple colour effect means you get this weird 3D effect without any fancy special effects needed.

The set seems to include papers and pieces as well as the pens so you can get started on creative and fun projects right away.

Thanks to stacy5uk at HUKD!


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