Tomy Discovery Magical Melody Maker £9.99 @ Toys-R-Us


There’s 60-something percent off this Magical Melody Maker toy from Toys-R-Us, selling for £9.99 instead of £29.99.

So the way this Tomy Discovery Magical Melody Maker works is that you place a muscical instrument on the ‘stage’ which makes it play a melody. You then add the other instruments, and as they start to ‘dance’, they join in with the melody.  Each instrument apparently plays it’s own chords and riffs, and you can choose between five different melodies.

There are only two reviews, but they’re both five star reviews,  with absolutely no ‘cons’ listed for the toy.  Both reviewers say that the children have had hours of fun playing with it, and are totally fascinated by the musical instruments dancing and making music – which makes it sound like good value for money anyway, but now at this price, it must be a winner.

One of the reviewers has even bought some as gifts since, which seems like a really good idea, especially as you can get three for the price of one now.

It does require 3 x C-size batteries, which you’ll have to buy separately.

Thanks to sapphire2 at HUKD

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