School Fundraisers: Love Them Or Loathe Them?

School Fundraisers: Love Them Or Loathe Them?

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Here's something that is going to be back in our minds with the new school term under way or about to start. Schools these days are constantly having to think of new ways to raise more funds, whether it's for school supplies, sports equipment, library books, or the thousands of other things that they need money for.

I don't pretend to understand the complexities of school funding, so I'm not touching on that thorny subject, but the Alternative School Fundraiser form above has been doing the rounds and I wondered what you all thought of it?

If the aim is to raise a giggle then it's succeeded, but does it sum up how many parents feel about school fundraisers? Are you one of the small band of teachers, parents, or PTA members who have to come up with new and exciting ways of getting money for the school? Or are you a parent who dreads the appearance of a letter in the school bag asking for donations or time, gifts or money?

It's particularly the last point on that form that made me think. Yes, it would be easier to just make one donation and not get involved, especially if you are always pushed for time and money, or simply lack the ability for pinterest worthy crafting and cake baking (that's me). But what lessons does that teach our children about charity efforts in general, joining in and helping others? As well as the money that is raised all these bake sales, fancy dress competitions and sponsored congas are showing our children that everyone can make a difference, that they can all play a part in a team effort to help, and it's also giving them a sense of ownership and pride in their school.

Perhaps I'm reading too much into this in the contemplative mood I'm in today. I will continue to feel guilty that I cannot whip up a GBBO worthy batch of Butterfly Cakes at the drop of a hat, and instead play my part by buying them instead.

So what do you think of this Alternative Fundraising Form idea? Great idea or missing the point?


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