Three Roald Dahl Books For £5 @ Red House

Three Roald Dahl Books For £5 @ Red House

Don’t miss out on this amazing offer from Red House. You can select three books from their wide Roald Dahl collection and get all of them for just £5, bargain.

Roald Dahl was about the only author my parents could use to get me reading and hooked on books when I was a child and once they (and I) discovered them there was no turning back. I went from whining about being bored all the time to being on my best behaviour so that I could get the next one. Bribery always works well and I was no exception. If I behaved myself, Dad and I would go to the bookstore on Saturday morning and find me another of Roald Dahl’s fabulously funny kid’s books.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to share the fabulous world of Roald Dahl books with your kids. Take advantage of Red House’s offer and start them off on one of my favourites “Matilda”. If they’ve already read that I also loved “The Twits” and “George’s Marvellous Medicine”. You can’t go wrong with any of them really.


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