Pre-order: Fisher-Price Think and Learn Smart Cycle £113.80 Delivered @ Amazon

Pre-order: Fisher-Price Think and Learn Smart Cycle £113.80 Delivered @ Amazon

I am rather surprised to see that the Fisher-Price Think and Learn Smart Cycle is only available from Amazon in the UK. This toy has been all over the internet! You can pre-order it for just £113.80 delivered. It's release date is Monday, 18th September.

The Fisher-Price Think and Learn Smart Cycle has been designed to get children active. Whilst I love that idea, I can understand that some might be less keen to buy what is essentially a 'kid's exercise bike'.

There are three ways to play - driving, gaming, and racing!

It's not all about cycling though, there's more to this toy than that. The more your child pedals, the more they will learn.

Connect it to a Tablet or Television with the Bluetooth for an enhanced play experience via the FREE Smart Cycle Mission to Tech City app.

Made from steel, the frame has been built with heavy-handed pre-schoolers in mind.

The handlebars are moveable, and feature input controls and a joystick for the games.

Delivery is FREE of charge on the Fisher-Price Think and Learn Smart Cycle.

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  • Jaimee R.

    lily would actually love this

    • Russell P.


      • Nakita G.

        I have this for my 3 year old he loves it :grinning:

        • Becky F.

          Omg moo would love this!!!! Birthday? X

          • Denise B.

            I hate this! A bike is for outside. Fun and play in a park. :evergreen_tree::rainbow::rose::herb::hibiscus:

            • David H.

              how ace is that xxxxxxxxxxx

              • Melanie T.

                Why not go out on a bike? What is the world coming too?

                • Dominique J.

                  Because of bad weather, parents working from home so cannot supervise preschoolers on a bike ride, other children to look after, disabilities, shall I go on?

                  • Dolina B.

                    Because I have 4 children to watch whilst my husband is at work. I only have 2 eyes and couldn't possibly keep those 2 on all 4 of my children. One would end up in a ditch, one rear ending a tree, all whilst I try to stop the toddler going in the road and trying to stop my autistic son from tearing off into the sunset :joy::joy:

                    • Lesley L.

                      I agree that children should def, where possible, be outside exercising/playing on bikes, scooters etc. The health benefits far outweigh being inside on computer games however it isn't always possible so anything that encourages children to be active is great! As long as children still get a balance of outdoors, no tv/screen time and books & toys I don't see it as a major issue.

                      • Anna M.

                        My kids would love to play out but rarely get to as the road is so busy

                      • Dean E.

                        You must be absolutely joking. No way in a trillion years

                        • Deborah W.

                          Rather than actually go outside, why not just plonk them in front of the tv? Great idea......

                          • Hayley G.

                            Aye a seen them on an advert earlier. Look good xxx

                            • Stacey W.

                              Haha I want 1 :joy: do they do an adult version :joy::joy: xxx

                              • Sophie B.

                                Good for Christmas tho xx

                                • Kelly L.

                                  :joy::joy: get some right exercise on there !! xxx