Peppa Pig Time Teaching Watch £7.35 @ Amazon

24 February 2016
Peppa Pig Time Teaching Watch £7.35

Teaching children to tell the time can be very difficult. None of my boys took to it easily, and I was the same when I was little. Nowadays, there are some much better teaching aids, such as the Peppa Pig Time Teaching Watch. Grab one for just £7.35. Hamleys sell the exact watch for £16, so this is a bargain.

The Peppa Pig Time Teaching Watch is as clear as day so should be very easy for a child to use. Of course it has the appeal of Peppa Pig too.

It comes with two different coloured changeable surrounds to help with the hours and minutes.

Even if your child isn't at the age of wearing a watch, you can use this to start teaching them about how to tell the time.

The reviews are great for this watch, so I reckon it's a cracking buy for just £7.35.

You can have the Peppa Pig Time Teaching Watch delivered for FREE if you have Amazon Prime or are spending £20+. If you don't want to spend as much as £20, and you aren't a Prime member then delivery is £3.99.

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