Nintendo Wii Console Package Deal £139.99 @ Amazon

Nintendo Wii Console Package Deal £139.99 @ Amazon

WiiIf you haven’t invested in a Nintendo Wii yet then this is your rather brilliant chance to do so. I am frankly stunned by the value for money you get here, and so are the boys over on our sister site Dealspwn! Normally these retail around £179 to £249, dependent on retailer, so £139.99 from Amazon is a big bargain indeed.

Included with your Nintendo Wii is Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort and a Motion Plus Controller. You need the latter in order to play Wii Sports Resort by the way so you may have to fork out an extra £20 for a second controller and £20 for another Motion Plus Controller to play the games on Sports Resort. This is not essential, though, and frankly if you don’t do it you still get a good deal.Wii2

All Nintendo kits only come with one Nunchuck and Wiimote so you’d have had to fork out extra for those anyway. Amazon are doing a deal on these at the moment so you can complete your set for under £200, which is far better than anywhere else.

Thanks to skusey at HUKD!


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