Nab It Word Game £6.50 @ Asda

Nab It Word Game £6.50 @ Asda

If you're a bit of a word smith or love games like Scrabble, Boggle and Bananagrams then this Nab It word game is likely to be just up your street; Asda are selling it for £6.50, at the moment, rather than its £13 full price so you might want to...erm, NAB IT! (Sorry, couldn't resist!)

Having read the description, it reads to me as though Nab It is what 3D Scrabble would be like.  You have to link your letter tiles together to make words and THEN you can steal your opponents' words by placing one of your tiles on top to change their word - that sounds like a lot of fun to me - when all the tiles are gone, the person with the most words wins!

Included in the Nab It box are: 100 two-sided letter tiles, 4 gray bank tiles, 4 letter bags and a set of rules.  Between two and four people can play and the age guideline is eight years old and older - but you could always play with younger children and help them create their words.

You can collect your own Nab It, for free, from your local Asda or pay £2.95 for home delivery.

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