Martian Matter Alien Maker £4.75 @ The Entertainer

aliens Down from the expensive £19.99 to a mere £4.75, this Martian Matter Alien Maker kit is a fabulous deal that’s perfect for presents, fun and preparation for the next batch of holidays. You will have to pay for delivery unless you spend up to £30 (not hard to do here) after which it’s free.

The set includes an awesome spaceship with pods, 14 alien half-moulds, three bottles of Lunar Lava Gel, three bottles of Meteor Mud compound, a plastic knife, roller, tweezers and a cutter. Use all of these tools to create all sorts of alien forms and even dissect the aliens you’ve already built.

The different molds can be mix and matched for weird and wacky alien combinations and then you can whisk your aliens off to strange planets courtesy of the included spaceship. This is brilliant for creative play and imagination building funalienrefill.

Also on sale at The Entertainer is the Martian Matter Alien refill pack for only £3 that includes six alien half-moulds, two bottles of the gel and three bottles of the mud. The parent reviews are mostly positive, saying that the kit kept their kids entertained for hours. You don’t have any say in the included colours though.

Thanks to millarcat at HUKD!


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