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jollyPhonics It can't be said that I don't deliver on my promises - here are some more scrummy books in honour of World Book Day earlier this week.

I've just spent a lot of time reading through all the reviews for these books and I'm not sure when I've read such glowing reviews for anything (not even chocolate!)

It would seem that these books really have pulled it out of the bag for all concerned; the kids are learning at a fantastic rate with their imaginations well-and-truly captured, and the parents (and grandparents) are agog with the level of progress that their children make in such a short space of time - hence the lavish praise being heaped upon these publications in reviews.

The blurb on the back cover reads as follows:

'The Phonics Workbooks teach the skills for reading and writing.

All the letter sounds of English are introduced (not just the alphabet), with an 'action' for each. Exercises show how to use the letter sounds to read and spell, along with ways of learning the 'tricky' spellings. The correct way to form each letter is shown and in later Workbooks joined-up (cursive) writing is introduced.'

The rrp is £12.25 but Amazon would like you to have them for £7.13 (such generous guys and gals) and delivery will be free if you go for the SuperSaver delivery option.

Thanks to lucerysmum over at HUKD!

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