Horrible Histories Series 2 £5.57 @ Amazon


Amazon is selling the entire season 2 of Horrible Histories for £5.57 including free delivery, this is an excellent price for a truly brilliant TV series that has me rolling with laughter every time. What a genius concept.

Season 2 of the Horrible Histories is as revolting and rotten as Season 1 and has been created by some of Britain’s finest talents. The series teaches kids about all the best bits of history and brings them to life with brilliant sketches, cartoons and quizzes.

Rattus Rattus and the gang are back with all the favourites including Stupid Deaths, Historical Wife Swap, and new features such as Historical Detective D.I. Bones and Historical Desktops. There are hilarious musical numbers (Spartan High School Musical anyone?) and the history of Charles II and WW2.

The series is a truly brilliant way of teaching kids about history and will even have you cackling along with the crazy tunes and hilarious skits.

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