Fun With Phonics £6.99 @ Amazon

I was going to write the Fun With Phonics deal  as being the £4.99 one at Mothercare and Early Learning Centre, but with the postage cost of £2.95, the total came to £7.94.  So I had a look at Amazon, who have it for £6.99, including delivery.

The reviews for this programme are really good, and I'm quite excited to start going through it with my 3 year old. As is she's always asking me what specific letters are, so I'm quite excited to get her reading.

This pack has everything you need to engage your child with phonics and teach them the basics of reading. The pack contains five full-colour books that introduce the most common sounds that form a foundation to literacy.

It also contains a 30-minute DVD featuring the popular ‘Fun with Phonics’ programmes from Cbeebies.

In Fun with Phonics: Reading, your child will be taken through all 44 of the most basic phonics sounds that they will have to learn at school and will be encouraged to recognise written sounds and words towards being able to identify and read short and simple words on their own.



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