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No, this is not your chance to grab yet another PC to add to your collection. This is a divine initiative run by the Home Access programme that provides low income families with a grant. This grant will give you, if you qualify, a computer, one year’s internet access, service, safety features and support.

There are no catches. No hidden terms and conditions and no loopholes. This is a government programme that has been designed to ensure that everybody gets a chance to learn. The value of the grant is up to £528 and, depending on what you need, will let you get any one of the following packages:

a)      Full package – computer, one year’s internet access, service and support

b)      A computer with service and support only

c)       One year’s internet access only

Home AccessOwning a home computer has extraordinary long-term benefits for both you and your kids. Children who have access to technology tend to learn and achieve more while adults are able to improve their skill sets. A computer can open up so many new opportunities and this scheme is a brilliant idea to help everyone do just that.

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  • Emma K.
    That's an excellent scheme. Let us know if you get a free PC!

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