Two Craft Boxes For £10 @ ASDA

Two Craft Boxes For £10 @ ASDA

You can get two boxes of craft pieces for only £10 at Asda. Individually these craft boxes are sold for £7each so that’s a tasty saving of £4 when you buy two today. These craft boxes will make awesome Christmas gifts andare guaranteed to keep children busy for hours during the holiday season.

There are over 500 assorted craft pieces inside. The box includes pipe cleaners, straws, pom-poms,cardboard rolls, paper masks, foam pieces, sequins, polystyrene balls and more. Perfect for use on rainy days - just give your children some glue and scissors and let them loose…You will be amazed at what they can create.

This will provide hours of fun and encourages creativity and imagination and will be especially welcome as the days get shorter and shorter and colder and colder. As the rain dribbles down outside you can unleash your inner creative monsters and have hours of fun with these cool craft kids from ASDA. Just awesome.



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