ABC Game £3.50 @ Argos

A is for Argos, B is for Bargain and C is for Can't Be Bad!  Argos are selling this ABC game for £3.50, instead of £6.12 and they'll deliver it free to your home too; marvellous.

I love anything that helps, and encourages, kids to get to grips with the alphabet - I think between me and his dad, my youngest son must have had exposure to just about every alphabet learning aid known to man!

Alphabet cards, iPad/iTouch and iPhone apps, Alphabet things on the PS3 and Wii AND games like this ABC game; what's been interesting to note is seems to like them all equally, there's no bias towards all the tech' ones.

There isn't really that much I can tell you about this ABC card game that you can't figure out on your own - there are cards for each letter of the alphabet and a corresponding picture card which you have to match up.

For example A goes together with Apple, B needs to be matched with Bird (and it happens to be blue, so it's got a double B) and so on, I'm sure you get the idea.

You can't collect your ABC game in-store because it's an online exclusive, which is why it has free delivery included.

Thanks to lucerysmum at HUKD 

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