Asda Are Selling Easter Bunny Crumpets For Just £1!

Asda Are Selling Easter Bunny Crumpets For Just £1!

January took forever to go but it seems as though we have flown through February, we're nearly into March and by now most shops have their Easter stock in. I was in my local Asda store the other day and spotted these adorable Easter Bunny Crumpets for just £1!

These cute little Easter Bunny Crumpets are available in a pack of 4 in store and online. They tend to sell very fast so if you see them in store grab them while you can!

They would be a lovely treat for the kids in the lead up to Easter, enjoy them for breakfast or lunch or even as a snack!

Why not grab yourself the Asda Cheese Easter Egg to enjoy alongside them!


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  • Tracie P.

    we can have Easter trumpets lold

    • Hayley Y.

      don't forget Billy's Easter crumpets :joy:

      • Eileen B.

        I nearly did x

      • Gemma B.

        if you do Come at Easter x

        • Keeley B.

          lilah would love these!! Peter rabbit :rabbit: lol :joy:

          • Steven F.

            She would xx

          • Tara G.

            .. remember the xmas tree crumpets :scream::scream:

            • Emma L.

              that's you and Pres sorted :heart_eyes:

              • Louise M.

                We need some of these :rabbit2:

                • Stella R.

                  Oooo could get them for the kiddies tea nearer Easter

                  • Emma B.

                    They are cute!! Can’t wait xx

                    • Rachael W.

                      Yeh I saw these in Morrisons too xx

                      • Kim-Georgina G.

                        Anyone else think these look slightly evil when cooked?

                        • Lucy S.

                          Awww I’m going to get these :rabbit:

                          • Julie C.

                            Ye Bertie would love them with butter

                            • Denise G.

                              Brilliant. Going to get them! Xx

                              • Louise C.

                                They are great aren’t they! X

                                • Eileen B.

                                  Abi and I saw these in Asda the other day. I wanted to get them :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

                                  • Jack B.

                                    The kids would love them!!!!!