Best Easter Egg Deals 2019

Best Easter Egg Deals 2019

Want to know where the best deals for Easter eggs are for 2019? You have come to the right place!

We will be checking all the best deals on those chocolate treats for Easter to save you money, and we will be updating this page as new deals are launched.

Here's the best of what's on offer right now...

Top Weekly Easter Egg Deal:

Best Easter Egg Deals 2019

  • 3 for £1 Easter chocolate treats @ Tesco* Includes single Cadbury Creme Egg, Lindt Lindor Egg, Cadbury Oreo Egg, Reese's Egg and more. Offer ends 22/04/19. (Note: offer online and in larger stores only, in Tesco Express stores the offer is 3 for £1.20)

Best Current Easter Egg & Easter Chocolate Deals:

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  • Nadyne G.

    pop to Tesco and grab some for the kiddies :heart:

  • Rachael S.

    thy time of year again x

  • Stephanie I.

    My tesco hasnt got any easter eggs out yet

  • Danielle S.

    I need Cadbury’s lol xx

  • Christina G.

    I can’t help myself :heart_eyes::chocolate_bar:

  • Sophie S.

    They’ll be eaten before Easter :joy::joy:

  • Amanda T.

    will we go have a look tomorrow xxx

  • Amanda S.

    Thanks, they are a bit small though! (Your poor child will only ever get a titchy egg :joy::joy:)

  • Annesa H.

    Oh yeah I didn’t realise that lol! They will be lucky if they get one at all :joy::joy::joy:

  • Gillian A.

    we could a load of these for the easter hunt

  • Laura T.

    not seen that little chick one before

  • Charlotte S.

    I'll pop in there tomorrow. that's a good deal. xx

  • Charlotte S.

    I saw these in Tesco. xxx

  • Dianne P.

    I could buy the entire stock of Caramel Eggs

  • Lalannah J.

    Let's hope it's a white one :eyes::joy: x

  • Nick P.

    Oh dear haha I want to try the Reese's one

  • Joanne D.

    :joy: must of been thinking the same...haha! Must resist the urge

  • Kelly S.

    yep, don’t think I’m strong enough though

  • Max R.

    Lol you don't have to tell me...I'm never good :lollipop::candy::chocolate_bar::eyes::joy:

  • Jemma M.

    need to get these for Dylan x

  • Sue M.

    got to get some of these

  • Charlotte S.

    ah Brilliant I'll get some of these for prizes. xx

  • Elaine B.

    We'll have to get some tomorrow xx

  • Kimberley E.

    That means Laura has more :joy::joy:

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