Disney Princess Magic Magnetic Scribbler £4.99 With Free Delivery @ Argos

Disney Princess Magic Magnetic Scribbler £4.99 With Free Delivery @ Argos

This Disney Princess Magic Magnetic Scribbler is a bargain at Argos as it's reduced to £4.99 with free home delivery as well. It was originally priced at £9.99 and although that seems a bit steep less than a fiver delivered is a much better value option.

This is one of those magnetic boards with a 'magic pen' and stampers so that children can draw and write, wipe away with the 'magic eraser' and then start all over again. This one has a pink design and is decorated with pictures of everyone's favourite Disney Princesses, as is the pen, and the stamps that come with it make heart and star shapes on the pad.

It's much bigger than I thought for the price, as quite often the mini scribblers are this price, but this is the full size, just short of 12 inches. It's perfect for travel, car journeys and holidays with the pen attached to the board so it doesn't get lost, and a carry handle. Best of all you don't have to keep a beady eye on kids with crayons or felt tips worrying that they will draw on everything!

This is an online exclusive so you can't buy it in Argos stores, but with the free home delivery you are saving yourself £3.95 and a trip to the shops.


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