Wooden Market Stall £25 @ Asda

You can save over £14 on the Wooden Market Stall from Asda, selling at £25 instead of £39.97, and free pick up with click and collect or £2.95 delivered to your home.

Aren't children just great when it comes to role play and what they can do with those little imaginations of theirs? My daughter is three now, and it's amazing what she can come up with in her solo-play.

There's not much information on what comes with this, but judging by the picture, you receive a set of scales and a till and of course there are shelves for packing food and so on - you have to add the food though - and a good canopy to hide from the sun too.

The height of shop can be adjustable so kids of many ages can have fun with this wooden playset.

Thanks to Kidcat at HUKD

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  • danielle26
    Hiya do u have any idea were I can get one like these from x

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