Warmies Lavender Scented Bear £5.52 @ Amazon

Warmies Lavender Scented Bear £5.52 @ Amazon


I am choosing to write this deal in defiance of the horrible summer. I am hoping that by effectively using reverse psychology winter will get embarrassed about clinging on so possessively and wander off and let summer come to life. This adorable microwavable bear is down to £5.52 at Amazon and is just too cute and snuggly for words.

The Warmies bear is scented with lavender and is fully microwaveable. This bear will keep you just as warm and toasty as a hot water bottle but it is much safer than a standard hot water bottle (no leaking hot water) so little ones won’t get burned. I used to always eyeball our old leaky hot water bottle with suspicion.

The bear will also soothe tired and aching muscles and the lavender will soothe tired and aching brains. This is an adorable gift that will keep you toasty on cold days.

Thanks to Headingley_Lad at HUKD!


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