Tooth The Tooth Fairy Movie £2 @ Tesco Entertainment

Tooth This is an adorable and entertaining movie that both parents and kids will enjoy on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Directed by first-time film maker Edouard Nanmour, it’s all about the tooth fairies and their adventures in Fairytopia and is only £2 at Tesco Entertainment.

Child actress Yasmin Paige is Tooth, a rebel fairy in a team of hardworking tooth fairies in Fairytopia. At this point I have to interject and add that they could have at least come up with a different name for their home – I mean, Fairytopia is in all the Barbie movies and they are awful. How do I know this? I’ve been subjected to them by generations of little girls...

tooth2Anyway, back to the story...Tooth gets bored of her job and starts doing naughty things, like leaving a ton of cash at the home of young Tolly and Tom. These kids keep the money a secret from their mom and dad. Tooth, however, discovers that her silly joke is about to rebound in all sorts of serious ways and sets off on a huge adventure with the two kids.

It’s cute, funny and a great way to recapture your childhood.

Thanks to andywedge at HUKD!

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