Slingshot Flying Monkey Or Chicken @ Play

If you're looking for something cheap and daft then this Slingshot Flying Monkey and/or Chicken should fit the bill quite nicely.

The slingshot flying monkey and chicken serve no other purpose than seeing just how far you can catapult them acoss the room.

There's zero educational value attached to them although, I suppose you could get down and dirty with projected trajectories, parabola curves and distance travelled depending on the angle and speed.  Nah, just fling the monkey and enjoy every second of its pointlessness.

Touted as being one of the hottest toys around, the Slingshot Flying Monkey screams as he sails through the air dressed in his flying googles and cape - Play are currently selling him for £3.29, his rrp is £8.99.

The Slingshot Flying Chicken is much the same, although he's clearly waived the offer of flying paraphernalia such as goggles. The Slingshot flying chicken is slightly cheaper than its monkey counterpart at £2.79.

There's no delivery to pay on UK mainland order with Play and if you click THIS LINK you'll be able to watch a youTube video of the Slingshot Flying Monkey and Slingshot Flying Chicken in action (honestly, some people have too much time on their hands!).

Thanks to realblender at HUKD

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