Sainsbury’s Pilates Set £3.99 @ Sainsburys

pilates It is still the month of mums so here is a little something to keep those stomach muscles firm and tight, a divine little Pilates set that costs only £3.99 from Sainsburys. That is rather stupidly cheap I think!

Ok, so I recently restarted Pilates myself. When I first did it, many moons ago, I did notice an enormous change in my musculature. I became leaner and my stomach looked amazing. It is also a very Zen like exercise, I find. No bobbing about like a loon to the barking of a mad instructor’s voice.

This is all about careful movement and deep breathing – actually am feeling fit just thinking about it! So this set comes with a fitness mat, yoga strap, mini Pilates ball and an inflation straw and stopper. With this kit in hand you can arrive at any local classes fully equipped and ready to join in.pilates2

If you don’t feel like being the wobbly uncoordinated one at the back, consider getting a workout book or DVD from somewhere else first. That way you can master the basics before you join a class and everyone will be totally impressed with your panache and flexibility.

Thanks to kevw at HUKD!


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