Safari Playnest £20.80 @ Mothercare

Safari Playnest £20.80 @ Mothercare

There's a Safari Playnest on offer at Mothercare for £20.80, reduced from £26. It's not a huge saving, but £5.20 here and there all ads up.

There are so many 'baby essentials' that I really role my eyes at these days, but I must admit the Playnest is one that I've loved. When my baby was a newborn, I'd put a pillow in it and she'd sleep comfortably, when she started pushing herself up, or sitting up, she could sit in the play nest, when she started scooting across the room it contained her for a while - then she learnt how to scoot herself off and faceplanted on the mat - which signalled the end of our using it. Now I fill it with balls and it's a makeshift, small sized ball pit for supervised play. It's fabulously versatile and I'm glad we had it (not this one, but a similar idea.)

The Safari playnest has various textures including crinkles and a squeaker, to help babies discover textures and helps with physical development. It is suitable from birth, and I'll add - is perfect for babies who don't like tummy time too!


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