Pizza Hut Order Pizza Online: £10 off £25 order

6 September 2010

Pizza Hut Order Pizza Online

Order pizza online with Pizza Hut with this voucher code and you will get £10 off your order when you spend £25 or more.

Click here to order pizza online with Pizza Hut and get £10 off

  • Discount: £10
  • Minimum Spend: £25
  • Voucher Code: ATA8563PF
  • Expires: 3rd October 2010

Isn't it nice to have a treat now and again? I love to order in takeaway now and again, even though I know it is far more expensive than making your own. When it comes to pizza, my absolute favourite is the pizza from Pizza Hut. My five year old doesn't like pizza (shocking I know but true). But, he does love pasta and that's a good option from Pizza Hut too.

However, it isn't cheap is it? Trying out this code I chose two pepperoni pizzas with stuffed crust and the total came to £32.48! Probably the most expensive of all the pizza deliveries, if you can have it delivered where you are. We're within walking distance of a Pizza Hut (well a half hour walking distance but still not THAT far) here in London and the lazy things don't deliver to this area. We have to collect!

So getting a tenner knocked off the price makes it that little bit more affordable.

Thanks to YokoBanito at HUKD!

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