Nissan GTR Driving Thrills £49.19 @ BuyAGift

21 June 2010

gtr1 Hands up, who forgot Father's Day...? This Nissan GTR Driving Thrills experience might just allow you to redeem yourself!

I'm the PlayPennies resident motorsport guru and all-round petrolhead; I've driven a Nissan GTR and all I can say is *GRIN*.

So girls, if you forgot Father's Day or there's a suitable birthday or anniversary coming up then this could be a great deal for you.

BuyAGift have reduced the price of this driving thrills experience from £99 to £59 and if you check out with the code NATWEST, then this will reduce that price by 20% bringing it down to £49.19!

The Nissan GTR is a beast, ok so it's not up there with a Lamborghini BUT it looks cool, it sounds AWESOME and with a top speed of 193mph I reckon it'll satisfy the speed demon in your life for a little while.

For this price you'll need to go to PrestwoldHall in Leicestershire (just up the road from me!) on either a Monday (not Bank ones), Tuesday or Wednesday.

If you don't know where Leicestershire is, it's right in the middle of England so pretty much equidistant  from wherever you happen to be, unless you're in deepest darkest Penzance or Folkstone!

If a trip to my part of the world is a step too far then you can pay an extra £35 and be able to go on Thursdays, Fridays and the weekends at any of these venues: Bruntingthorpe in Leicester, Prestwold Hall in Leicestershire, MIRA Proving Ground in Warwickshire (FYI: this is an ACE place to drive), Pro Drive - Kenilworth, Warwickshire, Long Marston in Stratford upon Avon or Elvington in Yorkshire.

gtr2Minimum height is 5ft 2, maximum height is 6ft 5 and you must have held a full licence for at least a year, which you must take with you and produce on the day.

Drivers must be ages 18 or over, weigh no more than 18 stone and wear long trousers and long sleeved shirts (you know it makes sense); spectators are also welcome, so take your camera!

Don't forget to enter code NATWEST to drop the price further from £59.99 to £49.19; VROOM VROOOOOOM!!!!

Thanks to slate over at HUKD

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