Cuddlewrap £7.67 @ Tesco Direct

Cuddlewrap £7.67 @ Tesco Direct


Cuddlewraps are £7.67 at Tesco Direct, which is half price.

When I was pregnant with my daughter, our midwife told us that if you feel your baby’s hands flutter a lot in the womb, he or she wouldn’t like being swaddled. In our case, that turned out to be true. My daughter was constantly fluttering her hands, and once born, hated being swaddled and would contort any which way to get her hands out.

However, a friend of ours recently had a baby and one of her babyshower gifts from me was a swaddle wrap, and her baby loves it – she says it also helps with colic.

So, if you’re not sure what a Cuddlewrap is, according to the Tesco website, it will help your baby “sleep longer and better, and difficult feeders will tend to feed easier when swaddled.”

The shape of the Cuddlewrap swaddling blanket is made for a snug fit, sort of a womb-like experience, with a neck cut-out so that arms can be tightly wrapped near body and face. The deep hug of the 100% stretchy cotton will make your baby feel as cosy as during those last days in the womb and this deep calming pressure results in less crying, kind of a little like babywearing.

It didn’t work for us, but I can see how the idea behind it would work, so at this price, it’s at least worth a try.

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  • Emma K.
    I swaddled my baby for a few months after she was born. I just used regular blankets though. I plan on getting these for the next baby :)
    • Luschka O.
      There's another one you get which actually zips up. That looks like it requires a lot less skill from mum, but also means you HAVE to swaddle. With these or normal blankets you can at least keep the arms out, as I did with Kyra.