Crave Maternity Promotional Voucher: 20% Off

Crave Maternity Promotional Voucher: 20% Off

Crave Maternity Promotional VoucherUse this Crave Maternity promotional voucher to get 20% off your order when you spend more than £75. The code works on sale items. Crave Maternity specialise in items of clothing for mums-to-be.

Click here to use this 20% Crave Maternity promotional voucher

  • Discount: 20%
  • Minimum spend: £75
  • Coupon code: JAN0120P
  • Expires: 1st February 2011

To use the code, go to the Shopping Cart and enter it in the Coupon Code box on the right-hand side of the page. It will be applied automatically to your order.

Crave Maternity has a small selection of clothes, but they are all quite lovely. And presumably well made given the prices - I have to say that this isn't the cheapest place to go to for maternity clothes.

Overall, if you're pregnant then I would advise not worrying about maternity clothes. Mens shirts, big t-shirts, jogging bottoms will do for the most part. My sister appropriated her husband's coat to wear when pregnant during the winter.

However, one or two items are worth investing in, especially if you are working through most of the pregnancy. I bought a couple of nice tops, and they did for everything. Going out, office wear, on the weekends. It was really lovely to put on something nice, girly and that fitted properly when you were feeling like a beached whale!

Thanks to edi at HUKD!


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