Indulgent Hot Chocolate Recipes For A Festive Family Treat

Hot Chocolate For A Festive Family Treat

I do love a fancy hot chocolate, especially on wintry evening in the run-up to Christmas, don't you? Course you do.

So here are five fabulous Christmassy hot chocolate recipes to try out as a treat for the whole family. I'm totally stealing the first idea as a family Christmas eve moment - it'll be the perfect treat for after we've all opened our Christmas Eve boxes right before we watch Elf, as family tradition demands...

1. Hot Chocolate Station (Credit:
Ashlie of the fabulous Sugar Rushed blog has totally re-set the bar on my expectations when it comes to a good hot chocolate. In fact so utterly scrumptious and indulgent is her hot chocolate recipe in her Hot Chocolate Station post that I've decided to try it out as a family treat on Christmas Eve treat. She makes hers in the slow cooker - such a good idea! - and includes Nutella and single cream. I told you it was a game-changer.

Hot Chocolate Station - Sugar Rushed Blog

2. Snow Globe Hot Chocolate (Credit: BBC Good Food)
Oh, this is just glorious. You pop some drinking chocolate powder in the bottom of an empty jam jar then make a cute little marshmallow snowman - using a cocktail stick to hold him together plus strawberry laces as his scarf and a Rolo stuck to a chocolate button as his hat - then 'glue' him to a chocolate chip cookie with some icing sugar. Next you pop him in the jar, screw the lid on and affix a note explaining that the lucky recipient needs to warm 300ml of milk and then pour it into the jar and mix, using the snowman as a yummy festive 'dunker'! Just brilliant, although drowning your snowman in your hot chocolate does seem a little uncharitable given the time of year.

Snow Globe Hot Chocolate

3. Baileys Hot Chocolate (Credit:
One for the grown-ups, this one. You don't need loads of ingredients, either. Just whipping cream and Baileys which you beat together (OH.MY.DAYS) plus milk chocolate (only Cadburys will do in my house), milk, your favourite chocolate liqueur and some vanilla extract. It's as good excuse as any to pop a bottle of Baileys in your shopping basket!

Baileys Hot Chocolate

4. White Christmas Cocoa (Credit:
I am rather partial to a good white chocolate from time to time, and Lindt is just the ticket so I'm definitely going to try out this white chocolate hot choc recipe.

White Christmas Cocoa

5. Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate (Credit:
This is a pretty quirky recipe that involves doing something clever with lemon juice and sugar but it looks truly divine and will supposedly give a certain famous coffee chain's salted caramel hot chocolate a decent run for its money.

Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate

So there you have it. Just don't try them all during Christmas week or the January diet might have to start with something of an urgent beginning! If you make any of these we'd love to hear what they taste like. And if you're planning something as fun as a Hot Chocolate Station on Christmas Eve, do come and tell us all about it over on our Facebook page!

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