D.I.Y. Christmas Eve Box: Everything You Need!

Christmas Eve Box
19 December 2015

If you're keen to make a D.I.Y. Christmas Eve Box for the kids this year, this article is full of hints and tips and includes everything you need (and more!)

A Christmas Eve box is an important Christmas tradition for many families – as much as decorating the Christmas tree together or leaving out a little tipple for Santa. The idea is that you open a Christmas Eve box together – on Christmas Eve, of course – and then settle down for a festive evening of fun family time, enjoying the Christmassy treats inside.

What should you put in a Christmas Eve box? Anything that will help you have a magical Christmas eve, including a family Christmas film, festive snacks, and possibly even a little note from Santa reminding the kids to hop off to bed without delay so that he and his elves can get to work.

You can even have customised Christmas Eve boxes made - these gorgeous personalised Christmas Eve boxes are just £1.95 plus delivery from Etsy.

Christmas Eve box

I love this Personalised Christmas Eve Box from Not On The High Street and it's a steal at just £7.

But it's hard to beat a totally personalised, home-made Christmas Eve box so here are all the ideas you need for your own very special Christmas Eve box...

Christmas pyjamas
No Christmas Eve box is complete without a brand new pair of Christmas PJs. We just love these adorable matching pjyamas for the whole family from Amazon - can you imagine anything cuter than the whole clan cuddling up on Christmas Eve in co-ordinated jammies?!

If the whole matching-Christmas-pyjamas-for-the-family is a bit much for you, check out Christmas pjyama range from Matalan this year - they've got lovely jamas for everyone of all ages so you're bound to get what you need for your Christmas Eve box.

Lakeland Gingerbread Reindeer
Gingerbread house

I'm definitely popping one of these gingerbread reindeer kits from Lakeland (£9.99) in my Christmas Eve box this year. While the kids get to grips with making it, I'm going to sit down with a glass of Sherry.

Christmas book
A friend buys a new book for theChristmas Eve box every year, so they've amassed a gorgeous collection of Christmas stories over the years. If you like the sound of that, check out this Big Box of Christmas Stories from The Book People - they've dropped the price again down to just £12.99 for this collection of 10 books, including Is it Christmas Yet? by Jane Chapman and The Best Christmas Ever! by Marni McGee and Gavin Scott. The Jolly Chistmas Postman is an absolute must for the Christmas Eve box if you don't already have a copy.

Hot chocolate for Christmas Eve box
Hot chocolate
This cute recipe for reindeer hot chocolate includes free printable labels, so when you're making these up for your lucky Christmas Eve box recipients you could always make some extras to give to teachers or friends and family members as extra little Christmas treats. This Snowman Soup hot chocolate craft is adorable too, and also comes with a free printable.

Magic reindeer food
Rustle up some magic reindeer food to pop in your Christmas Eve box, otherwise Rudolph and pals might not find their way to your house. Mix one cup of porridge oats with two teaspoonfuls of glitter - it's a recipe straight from the North Pole, you know - and sprinkle all over your garden or driveway on Christmas Eve to help the reindeer see where to land, and give them something to munch on while they wait for Santa to do his thing. (Don't forget to clear most of it up, leaving just a few uneaten crumbs to be found the next morning...) There are some cute free reindeer food printables here, too.

Christmas Movie
Cuddling up with the kids to watch a feel-good family film at Christmas is one of my favourite indulgences, and every good Christmas Eve box includes a DVD to snuggle up together and watch before bed. Check out our Top Ten Christmas films. I think The Gruffalo DVD is particularly gorgeous for a Christmas Eve movie, and I'm also a big fan of The Fox and the Child narrated by Kate Winslet.

Christmas popcorn
As a treat for the grown-ups, I quite like the look of this Gingerbread Popcorn from Joe & Seph's. Why should the kids have all the fun?

Santa's Key

Santa's key
Kids are canny these days, so if you don't have a chimney, you might want to pop a magic key into your Christmas Eve box so that Santa can let himself in to do the honours on Christmas Eve. This personalised Christmas key is pretty gorgeous, and it's just £1.50 from eBay seller printparty.

Last, but not least, why not pop a letter from Santa himself in your Christmas Eve box? You can even get your little one to write to Santa at the North Pole and then pop his reply in your Christmas Eve box.

What's going in your Christmas Eve box this year? Come and tell us all about it over on our Facebook page...

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    Thank you for the really great ideas. This is my first year doing anything like this with my son (3 years old) & I want to make it really special :) thank you so much

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      You're very welcome Amy and glad you found it useful. Hope you and your son have a wonderful Christmas! xx

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    I think these are really cute affordable gifts for friends and can help when on a tight budget!! Xx really helpful thanks!!

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