Guinness World Records Egg Challenge Set For £3.99 @ Sainsburys

This is going to keep everyone entertained for hours! From now until the 26th of December you can get this great stocking filler from Sainsburys for £3.99. The Guinness World Records Egg Challenge Set was £6.00 so it has been reduced by £2.01.

I love this! With the Egg Challenge Set the idea is to design and build a structure that will protect an egg in an egg drop. If your egg survives the highest drop you could become an official Guinness World Record holder! And if it doesn’t you get to laugh at all the eggs smashing on the floor; I’d advise putting some newspaper down for this. I suspect the kids will be fighting off the adults for a chance at this game.

The set is suitable for ages six and over and I suspect just as suitable for ages much older. I can’t wait to get my hands on it (might have to buy two). What a great way to let the children have fun and be creative and it’ll also be a great game to bring out when boredom hits this winter.

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