Disney Princess Activity Chest, Two For £20 @ Asda Direct

The Disney Princess Activity Chest contains stickers, beads and loads of other art items to keep little girls busy for hours. The chest is normally £12 but with Asda Direct’s special offer you get two for £20. You don’t have to buy two of the same toy you can mix and match with other “two for £20” toys.

The Disney Princess Activity Chest is perfect for keeping your little princess entertained for hours; it contains all sorts of arts and crafts pieces and ideas. This Christmas gift is great for creative children and for inspiring children to use their imagination. With so much fun stuff to do in the chest it will be difficult for them to decide what to do first. And the box is handy to keep all her art stuff in.

The chest includes stickers, beads, sewing materials, make your own car sets and much more. Watch your little girl’s eyes light up this Christmas morning when she opens up this one, she’ll love it!

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